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2012Feasibility study on applications of solar chimney and earth tube systems for BEAM plus an LEED assessmentsZhou, You Joe
2012Ferromagnetism in carbon-doped ZnO thin films and nanostructuresWei, Changsong
2012Field analysis and high frequency conversion for multi-coils induction heating appliancesMeng, Lichan
2012Filamentous foaming problem control in activated sludgeHuangfu, Yanchong
2012Finite element analysis with embedded global optimization method for optimal design of electric devicesChen, Ningning
2012Flow-through silencer design to control low-frequency noiseHu, Qi
2012Focused attention modulating pain perception in people with chronic pain : an event-related potential studyChan, Chi Chung Sam
2012Foodborne pathogens detection with nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide membrane based biosensorTan, Fei
2012Formulation of DC energy factor and energy-based control method for high efficiency power electronics conversion systemsShi, Zhanghai
2012Formulation of supplier identification strategy (case study of intermediary business-LFC Enterprise Limited)Cheung, Yuet Ying
2012FPGA based bit error rate testerQiao, Xuelong
2012FPGA based semiconductor laser temperature control systemZhao, Jingjing
2012Frequency control in a micro-grid with storage and renewable energiesZhang, Jin
2012Gender in factory life : an ethnographic study of migrant workers in Shenzhen FoxconnDeng, Yunxue
2012Generalized form characterization of ultra-precision freeform surfaces using an invariant feature-based pattern analysisRen, Mingjun
2012A genetic epidemiological study of myopia : identification of myopia susceptibility genesYiu, Wai Chi
2012Governance, interest alignment and corporate spinoffsLaw, King Wai Justin
2012GPU accelerated hot term extraction from user generated contentCheng, Ming Fung
2012Graph based image segmentation and evaluationPeng, Bo
2012Green retailing : construct measurement and its antecedent-adoption-performance relationshipsTang, Kit Yee