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2009Stability and thermal characteristics of rod-stabilized premixed flame jetsDrkos, Miroslav
2016Stabilizer codes : encoding schemes and applicationsShi, Shiyu
2010Stages of change, self-stigma, and treatment compliance among Chinese adults with severe mental illnessFung, Mang-tak
2018Stakeholder collaboration for sustainable ecotourism development in Southern EthiopiaWondirad, Amare Nega
2017Stakeholder collaboration on social responsibility in construction projects : from the perspective of stakeholder power and influenceLin, Xue
2016START : a system for flexible analysis of hundreds of genomic signal tracks in few lines of SQL-like queriesZhang, Qiang
2012State control, corporate social performance and corporate financial performance in ChinaHo, Hoi Yin Pauline
2014Statistical approach for activity-based model calibration based on plate scanning and traffic counts dataSiripirote, Treerapot
2006A statistical covariance matrix based detection approach with application to network flooding attack detectionJin, Shuyuan
2008Statistical modelling and forecasting schemes for air-conditioning systemYiu, Chi-man Jacob
2015Statistical modelling of tyre/road noise for urban driving conditionsMak, Kai Long
2008Statistical noise level distribution modelling for road traffic noise predictionsNg, Chun-hung
2008Statistical pattern recognition : locality preserving embedings and ensemble of rulesNiu, Ben
2017Steganography and steganalysis : new approaches from natural imagesWu, Songtao
2011Stochastic transport network model and optimization for reliability and vulnerability analysisLuathep, Paramet
2010Stock price anomalies and corporate dividend policies in ChinaLai, Ming-yee Karen
2014The strategic implementation of market orientation culture : safeguarding customer value for better firm performanceCheng, Hiu Hung
2008Strategic networking and transactional performance : a study of the Hong Kong clothing industryLau, Mei-mei
2017Strategic use of numeric volume in 10-K reportsFu, Jiajia
2005Strategies for bedroom air conditioning in the subtropicsLin, Zhongping