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  • Author Lu, Yiqing
    Title Toward social cohesion : the relationships of intergroup ideologies with attachment to superordinate category, ingroup projection, and integration effort
    Department Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
    Year 2017
  • Author Abidoye, Rotimi Boluwatife
    Title Towards property valuation accuracy : a comparison of hedonic pricing model and artifiical neural network
    Department Dept. of Building and Real Estate
    Year 2017
  • Author Wang, Yufei
    Title Towards safe usage of COTS wireless devices in medical settings : a profiling - policing framework for WBAN against WiFi interference
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2013
  • Author Luo, Jiaqing
    Title Towards understanding, improving and securing BitTorrent protocol and system
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2011
  • Author Xu, Gang
    Title A traffic flow simulator for driver information system
    Department Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering
    Year 2003
  • Author Luo, Weili
    Title Traffic induced vibrations in two-and-a-half dimensional framework
    Department Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Year 2017
  • Author Poon, Wai-chung
    Title Traffic modeling and bandwidth estimation for variable bit-rate (VBR) video transmission
    Department Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering
    Year 2001
  • Author Baldwin, Watson Maceo
    Title The transference of cuisine and Michelin rated restaurants : a chef's perspective of Japanese cuisine in Hong Kong
    Department School of Hotel and Tourism Management
    Year 2016
  • Author Liu, Yaping Laura
    Title Transfer of retail management know-how to China
    Department Dept. of Management and Marketing
    Year 2010
  • Author Wong, Hung-ho Maurice
    Title Transferring technology from university to industry in a low absorptive capacity environment : nanotechnology and the Hong Kong textile industry
    Department Graduate School of Business
    Year 2008
  • Author Cai, Huarong
    Title Transient stability-constrained optimal power flow using improved differential evolution and parallel computing
    Department Dept. of Electrical Engineering
    Year 2008
  • Author Xia, Shiwei
    Title Transient stability constrained optimal power flow with renewable energy uncertainties
    Department Dept. of Electrical Engineering
    Year 2015
  • Author Ng, Ka Ho
    Title Transition metal catalyzed carbon-hydrogen bond functionalizations for aromatic carbon-nitrogen bond formation : development of palladium-catalyzed intermolecular amidation of anilides and benzoic acids and rhodium-catalyzed direct aryl C-H amination using N-chloroamines
    Department Dept. of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
    Year 2014
  • Author Yuen, On Ying
    Title Transition metal-catalyzed oxidative C-H bond functionalization reactions
    Department Dept. of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
    Year 2016
  • Author Zhang, Daozhen
    Title Translating Alice in the Chinese context : a critical stylistic approach to characterization in the Chinese translation of Alice in Wonderland by Chao Yuen-Ren
    Department Dept. of English
    Year 2016
  • Author Wang, Yuechen
    Title Translation as culture transplant : a case stuey of Morrison's Bible translation and Taiping Heavenly Kingdom
    Department Dept. of Chinese and Bilingual Studies
    Year 2014
  • Author Elfick, Tse-mui Jacqueline
    Title Transnational consumer culture and middle class professionals : an ethnographic account of consumption and identity in post-reform China
    Department School of Design
    Year 2009
  • Author Leung, Tong Lit Charles
    Title Transplantation of a positive youth development program in mainland China
    Department Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
    Year 2017
  • Author Jie, Wenjing
    Title Transport and optical characteristics of graphene-based hybrid structure and two-dimensional layered gallium selenide
    Department Dept. of Applied Physics
    Year 2015
  • Author Wang, Yujie
    Title Transport network structure : competition and policy implications
    Department Dept. of Logistics and Maritime Studies
    Year 2015

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