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2013Structural behaviour of shear connection in composite structures under complex loading conditionsShen, Minhui
2004Structural behaviour of tubular skeletal frameworkYu, Wai-kin Dominic
2014Structural condition assessment with incomplete noisy acceleration measurementsLiu, Kun
2012Structural control and condition assessment with substructure methodDing, Yong
2002Structural damage detection from experimental modal dataShi, Zhiyu
2017Structural effects of welding onto high strength S690 steel plates and welded sectionsLiu, Xiao
2006Structural health monitoring and condition assessment of bridge structuresHua, Xugang
2016Structural health monitoring-oriented damage characterization using nonlinear ultrasonic waves and active sensor networks : from fundamental investigations to engineering applicationsHong, Ming
2012Structural performance of long span composite beams with high performance materials and practical constructional featuresChan, Chung Kei
2007Structural similarity on XML data and its applicationsNg, Kar-leung
2015Structural study of the active site of class A β-lactamase : mechanism of the catalytic process and its effect on antibiotic resistancePan, Xuehua
1999Structure and function relationship of enzyme : pyridoxal kinase and trichosanthinLau, Chi-kong
2018The structure and incentive properties of CEO bonuses : do annual CEO bonus plans spur earnings management?Pecha, David
2011Structure and thermal-mechanical properties of shape memory polyurethanes and textilesYeung, Lap-yan
2018Structure-activity relationship (SAR) of some isatin-based glycosyltransferase inhibitors : molecular design, synthesis and antibacterial activitiesCheong, Wing Lam
2010Structure-borne sound transmission from vibratory equipment to coupling structures in buildingsYun, Yi
2013Structure-function analysis of plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter in chloroquine resistanceChoy, Kit Ying
2004Structured optical fibre gratings for communication and sensing applicationsZhang, A. Ping
2016Structured tensors : theory and applicationsChen, Haibin
2009Studies of ferroelectrics films using micro-Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurementsYao, Yingbang