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1997A study on trade unionism in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (JV case) and Hong Kong under an institutional frameworkChow, Siu-kwong
2016A study on transshipment throughput of Hong Kong portYang, Dingtong
2013A study on ultraviolet protection factor of cotton and coolmax based on plain knitted structureYam, Lim Yung
2015Study on using sky-bridge for evacuation in high-rise buildingsXu, Tu
2018Study on vertical fire spread in multi-storey building under external wind velocityYeung, Ching Yu
2018A study on vertical flame spread in multi-storey buildings through various size of windowLam, Ming Yan Jason
2014Study on vibration isolation performance and control method of magneto-rheological mountsYang, Qing
2000Study on video segmentationMan, Yiu-keung
2011Study the character of rock fracture mode using acoustic emission techniqueGao, Yuan
2010Study the effect of wax on bitumen and bituminous mixesLee, Hong-nin
2013Study the relationship between UV protection and knitted fabric structureChong, Hang Kei Stephen
2000Study the staff attitudes towards the outsourcing implementation in the SuperA CompanyChan, Lai-kwok
2002A study to compare the level of satisfaction of relatives of neurosurgical patients with information giving by a supplementary nursing information intervention programChan, Foon-yee
2008A study to determine the optimal gating phase for treatments of lung tumours under the influence of breathing using biological indicesChan, Chun-lun Alan
2016A study to evaluate facility management performance of Pao Yue-kong libraryWang, Shiying
1997A study to evaluate the effectiveness of the employees retraining schemeChan, Chung-hin
1995A study to investigate the performance of service quality and the relationships between service quality and consumer satisfaction of a major electricity supply utility in AsiaMok, Wai-yin Edward
2010Study, assessment and evaluation of the control and minimization of hydrogen sulfideFung, Siu-chung Andrew
2010The study, evaluation and comparison of air and water pollution from industrial factories in Pearl River Delta and Hong KongZhong, Wei
2010The study, evaluation and comparison of water pollution in Guangzhou and Hong KongZhi, Junning