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  • Author 谢霜
    Xie, Shuang
    Title Jing ji xing jiu dian fu wu shu xing IRPA ji IAA fen xi : guan yu Y shi dai yu X shi dai de bi jiao yan jiu
    经济型酒店服务属性 IRPA 及 IAA 分析 : 关于Y 世代与X 世代的比较研究
    Department School of Hotel and Tourism Management
    Year 2014
  • Author Zhang, Jing
    Title Keratin composite nanofibrous anti-tumor drug delivery system
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2014
  • Author Ho, Ka Yee
    Title Knowledge, acceptability and practices towards alcohol-based handrub among Hong Kong special schools staff
    Department School of Nursing
    Year 2014
  • Author Lam, Hoi Yan
    Title A knowledge-based decision support system for managing logistics operations under risk considerations
    Department Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Leung, Kwok Way
    Title Ladies or gentlemen : effects of mortality salience on consumer attitude toward gender-stereotyped products
    Department Faculty of Business
    Year 2014
  • Author Lai, Yani
    Title Land development in urban villages in China : constraints and evolution from an institutional perspective
    Department Dept. of Building and Real Estate
    Year 2014
  • Author Wang, Zhuo
    Title Largazole, a novel potent histone deacetylase inhibitor, inhibits liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma both in vitro and in vivo
    Department Dept. of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
    Year 2014
  • Author Xiong, Song
    Title Large-conversion switched-capacitor (SC) based DC-DC power converters
    Department Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Shen, Lu
    Title Leading edge vortex flow control on a delta wing with dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators
    Department Faculty of Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Lo, Kam Ming
    Title Learning from positive and negative experiences : an evaluative study of knowledge quality in compiled lessons learned
    Department Dept. of Building and Real Estate
    Year 2014
  • Author Jiang, Wenhao
    Title Learning representations with information on hand
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2014
  • Author Liang, Jianqiang
    Title Life experiences of young migrant workers in Shenzhen : implications for social work practice
    Department Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
    Year 2014
  • Author Zheng, Wei
    Title Light intensity-based wearable polymer optical fiber (POF) sensors : design, fabrication and characterization
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2014
  • Author Chang, Yan Tai
    Title Linear regression position estimation methods for switched reluctance motors
    Department Dept. of Electrical Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Deng, Susu
    Title Local-measure-based landslide morphological analysis using airborne LiDAR data
    Department Dept. of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
    Year 2014
  • Author Shi, Fangdi
    Title Locating sound source in the presence of reflections
    Department Dept. of Building Services Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Yu, Sihang
    Title Longitudinal characterization and interpretation of functional parameters during zebrafish heart regeneration
    Department Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Liu, Zhuo Wen
    Title Long term structural behavior of panel-clip connections in concealed fixing roof systems
    Department Faculty of Construction and Environment
    Year 2014
  • Author Li, Dazhong
    Title Lower and upper bound limit analyses for stability problems in geotechnical engineering
    Department Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Year 2014
  • Author Tian, Boshi
    Title Lower-order penalty methods for nonlinear optimization and complementarity problems
    Department Dept. of Applied Mathematics
    Year 2014

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