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  • Author Yang, Yonghong
    Title The effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and sensory cueing (SC) on unilateral neglect and hemiplegic upper limb functions in patients after stroke
    Department Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Year 2017
  • Author Chan, Meng Kheong
    Title Enhancing the museum experience for visually impaired people in Hong Kong : haptic-audio interaction design (HAID)
    Department School of Design
    Year 2017
  • Author Huang, Yi Hua
    Title Everyday practice in public living environment : contesting street spaces in an ever-transforming urban area in Hong Kong
    Department School of Design
    Year 2017
  • Author Wang, Yan
    Title Experimental and numerical studies on improving the indoor thermal environment in a disaster-relief temporary prefabricated house located in the subtropics
    Department Dept. of Building Services Engineering
    Year 2017
  • Author Zhou, Huiling
    Title Facial image analysis and its applications to face recognition
    Department Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering
    Year 2017
  • Author Liu, Yan
    Title A facile electrochemical method to synthesize nickel composites for high-performance energy storage
    Department Dept. of Applied Physics
    Year 2017
  • Author Gu, Qiushi
    Title Facilitators, constraints and constraint negotiations in wine tourism : evidence from China outbound tourists to Australia
    Department School of Hotel and Tourism Management
    Year 2017
  • Author Mak, Kwok Kuen
    Title Factors affecting the adoption of electronic health records of nurses in Hong Kong
    Department Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
    Year 2017
  • Author Lyu, Yongliang
    Title FBG-based axle counter system
    Department Faculty of Engineering
    Year 2017
  • Author Lai, Kwok Chung
    Title Financial time series forecasting using conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machine
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2017
  • Author Tang, Wai Man
    Title Financial time series modelling in frequency domain
    Department Dept. of Applied Mathematics
    Year 2017
  • Author Talesco, Cristian
    Title The foreign aid regime in Timor-Leste : Australia and the rise of China
    Department Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
    Year 2017
  • Author Liu, Yang
    Title Function-led design of multifunctional stimuli-responsive superhydrophobic surface based on hierarchical graphene-titania nanocoating
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2017
  • Author Qian, Jiasheng
    Title Graphene/manganese oxide composites for energy storage
    Department Dept. of Applied Physics
    Year 2017
  • Author He, Yuxuan
    Title Humanitarian medical allocation for public health emergencies
    Department Dept. of Logistics and Maritime Studies
    Year 2017
  • Author Wang, Jing
    Title Information environment, systematic volatility and stock return synchronicity
    Department School of Accounting and Finance
    Year 2017
  • Author Yu, Jing
    Title In search of a varied voice : translating dialect in English literature
    Department Dept. of Chinese and Bilingual Studies
    Year 2017
  • Author Radecki, Rafal Zbigniew
    Title An insight into nonlinearity of guided ultrasonic waves in fatigued materials based on a nonlinear local interaction simulation approach : theory, modelling and experimental validation
    Department Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
    Year 2017
  • Author Xia, Yunxia
    Title Integration of long-term SHM data into bridge condition assessment
    Department Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Year 2017
  • Author Sun, Qiong
    Title Interconnect geometric effect on performance of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) running on alternative fuels
    Department Dept. of Building and Real Estate
    Year 2017

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