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  • Author Bai, Honglei
    Title Wall shear stress sensing, friction drag reduction, and the wake of two staggered cylinders
    Department Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
    Year 2011
  • Author Ng, Carman
    Title War and will : a multisemiotic analysis of metal gear solid 4
    Department Dept. of English
    Year 2017
  • Author Nazeer, Majid
    Title Water quality monitoring in Hong Kong using remote sensing
    Department Dept. of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics
    Year 2016
  • Author Jim, Wai Kee
    Title Wealth transfer effect revisited : evidence from stock and CDS market reactions to share repurchase
    Department Faculty of Business
    Year 2016
  • Author Shu, Lin
    Title Wearable body area sensor networks for continuous dynamic health monitoring in daily activities : case study of intelligent footwear system
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2012
  • Author Wong, Ho Kei Jackei
    Title Web-based data mining and discovery of useful herbal ingredients (WD²UHI)
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2010
  • Author Bahroun, Allan
    Title 'WeChat wants to become the everyday' : an ethno-semiotic study of computerized media, between industries and practices, in Shanghai and Chengdu (2015-2017)
    Department Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
    Year 2018
  • Author So, Pui Sai Patricia
    Title "We" like fair trade products more than "I"? : The impact of self-construal on consumer reactions to fair trade products
    Department Faculty of Business
    Year 2015
  • Author Chan, Chung-yee Hubert
    Title What makes customers discontent with service providers? : an empirical analysis of complaint handling in information and communication technology services
    Department Graduate School of Business
    Year 2008
  • Author Han, Yuchen
    Title When migrant factory women return home : their life experiences in fast growing China's hinterland
    Department Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
    Year 2014
  • Author Tong, Man
    Title Whose strange stories? : a study of Herbert Giles' (1845-1935), translation of P'u Sung-ling's 蒲松齡 (1640-1715), Liao-chai Chih-i 聊齋誌異
    Department Dept. of Chinese and Bilingual Studies
    Year 2001
  • Author Lu, Qing
    Title Why are we committed to work and does such commitment pay off? : a cross-cultural investigation of the nomological net surrounding the relative centrality of work of individuals
    Department Dept. of Management and Marketing
    Year 2016
  • Author Wong, Owen
    Title Why have many US-listed Chinese firms recently announced to go private?
    Department Faculty of Business
    Year 2017
  • Author Zhang, Peng
    Title Wide area monitoring system and its application on power system low-frequency oscillation suppression
    Department Dept. of Electrical Engineering
    Year 2012
  • Author Liu, Li
    Title Wide line detector and its applications
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2007
  • Author Lee, Yin Tak Ken
    Title Will sitting Tai Chi improve eye-hand coordination, sitting balance or the subjective well-being of institutionalized older adults?
    Department Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Year 2013
  • Author Chuang, Shih Jung
    Title Work ethics of generation Y employees in Taiwanese chain restaurants
    Department School of Hotel and Tourism Management
    Year 2017
  • Author Rozhkov, Mikhail
    Title Workplace context and its effect on individual competencies and performance in work and project teams
    Department Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Year 2015
  • Author Lo, Lok-yuen
    Title Wrinkle-resistant finishes on cotton fabric using nanotechnology
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2007
  • Author Liu, Duo
    Title Write-activity-aware NAND flash memory management for PCM-based embedded systems
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2012

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