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  • Author Xu, Jian
    Title Named entity disambiguation from web text
    Department Dept. of Computing
    Year 2014
  • Author Song, Qingwen
    Title Nano composite phase change materials microcapsules
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2009
  • Author Lee, Pui-fai
    Title Nanocrystals embedded in HfO2-based dielectrics as charge storage nodes of nano-floating gate memory
    Department Dept. of Applied Physics
    Year 2007
  • Author Li, Lin
    Title Nano functional scaffolds for tissue engineering
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2014
  • Author Tang, Qian
    Title Nanopatterning by atomic force microscopy
    Department Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
    Year 2006
  • Author Liu, Xiangli
    Title Nano-plasticity in BCC and HCP metals
    Department Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering
    Year 2004
  • Author Yu, Jinjiang
    Title Nanoporous membrane based biosensor for cell behaviour study via impedance spectroscopy
    Department Dept. of Health Technology and Informatics
    Year 2010
  • Author Xie, Maobin
    Title Nano structured curcumin-silk fibroin drug delivery system by supercritical technology
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2016
  • Author Li, Zhibao
    Title Near-field beamformer design problems
    Department Dept. of Applied Mathematics
    Year 2014
  • Author Wong, Ho Yan Angela
    Title Near-infrared reflective materials for textiles
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2015
  • Author Koo, Kwok-keung Terry
    Title Neuromusculoskeletal modeling of the elbow joint in subjects with and without spasticity
    Department Jockey Club Rehabilitation Engineering Centre
    Year 2002
  • Author Leung, Wing-sze Ada
    Title Neurophysiological correlates of performance and fatigue in study of mental workload
    Department Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences
    Year 2006
  • Author Du, Junrong
    Title Neuroprotective effect by Z-ligustilide extracted from Radix Angelica sinensis for the treatment of cerebral ischemia
    Department Dept. of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology
    Year 2006
  • Author Liao, Xiao
    Title Neuropsychological mechanisms of fabric touch sensations
    Department Institute of Textiles and Clothing
    Year 2015
  • Author Chen, Hangying
    Title The new agriculture operational subjects : capital accumulation and agrarian transition in rural China
    Department Dept. of Applied Social Sciences
    Year 2017
  • Author Lai, Xiaofan
    Title New algorithms for two logistics optimization problems
    Department Dept. of Logistics and Maritime Studies
    Year 2015
  • Author Guo, Mingzhi
    Title New and effective methods for production of cement-based photocatalytic materials
    Department Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Year 2016
  • Author Chu, Ho-wai Patrick
    Title A new approach to early glaucomatous diagnosis by multifocal electroretinogram : luminance-modulation of the global flash stimulation paradigm
    Department School of Optometry
    Year 2009
  • Author Wang, Li Li
    Title New coding technologies for videos
    Department Dept. of Electronic and Information Engineering
    Year 2013
  • Author Tam, Wai-ho
    Title New customizable agile reconfigurable design system
    Department Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    Year 2005

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