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2001Can the M-commerce service fly?Leung, Chung-ming
1994Career development for shift maintenance engineers in the rolling stock depots organization of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation : a case study in overcoming career development problems for engineering staff on shift dutyLeung, Hon-wai
1999Case study of decentralization of multinational financial reporting system to China joint ventures from Hong Kong headquartersLai, Chi-keung
1997A case study of first step in reengineering in a U.S. buying officeWong, Sai-kwong
2003A case study of how a MNC adapts their business strategies to the changing environment in Hong Kong and ChinaLau, Fat-wa Francis
1996A case study of the application of the Japanese manufacturing philosophy in improving the operation efficiency of a commercial laboratory in Hong KongLeung, Wing-sun
1994A case study of the relocation of place of domicile of listed companies in Hong Kong : is it a good decision?Cheung, Wing-kong
1994A case study on change management : installing a network to integrate sales, inventory and accounting in the accounts department of a manufacturing companyPoon, Siu-kam Sara
1998A case study on environmental searching behaviorSit, Fung-ying
1998A case study on outdoor management development in Hong KongLaw, Nim-keung
2003A case study on the acquisition process on a regional office in Hong KongFong, Mei-sze
1998A case study on the customer service quality of the Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedTam, Chun-ki
2000The causal relationship between strategy-making process capability and overall performance of firms : with focus on construction industryChan, Dik-tai Dick
2007CBT 公司發展戰略研究任革凡; Ren, Gefan
1995Changes in insurance company's structure : its past, present and futureLo, Kam-muk Stephen
1999Changing process and management for the implementation of a new information system in a medium size manufacturing company : a case studyTam, Sek-fai Les
1995Changing the culture of a listed company which is under the family gripWu, Tze-chiu Edmond
1997Choice of hospitalKwok, Yuen-leung David
1997A comparative study of the employee turnover process of "returnees" and "non-returnees" in Hong KongWong, Wu-ming
2002Comparative study on corporate entrepreneurship in Hong Kong & ShanghaiLo, Yim-ling Florence