An evaluation of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority's staff development review system

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An evaluation of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority's staff development review system


Author: Cheung, Lai-han Lily
Title: An evaluation of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority's staff development review system
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1995
Subject: Hospital Authority (Hong Kong, China)
Hospitals -- Staff -- Training of
Medical personnel -- China -- Hong Kong -- Training of
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Pages: vi, 138 leaves ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: On taking over the management of 38 public hospitals and institutions on 1, December, 1991 by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, organisation transformation in the context of managerialism set sail. In its voyage to "provide rewarding, fair and challenging employment to all its staff, in an environment conducive to attracting, motivating and retaining well-qualified staff" (mission statement, Hospital Authority), a set of matching human resource strategies was formulated to operationalise the Hospital Authority's human resource philosophy of valuing staff as the most important asset. In the area of performance appraisal, a new system, the 'Staff Development Review System (SDR)' was developed. The purposes of the system are: 1. To enhance communication between staff and managers in achieving personal, departmental, hospital and organisation goals. 2. To assist in identifying development needs of staff to improve job performance and enhance career development. The SDR system is fully implemented in all Hospital Authority hospitals since 1, April, 1994. How effective and successful is the SDR system has yet to be verified. This research is an appraisal of the SDR system. Programme analysis with mixed methodology was conducted to examine the appropriateness of the system; the implementation process; and the effectiveness of the system by matching the outcome with its objectives. A comparative study of SDR is made with the old performance appraisal system which was practised by ex-government hospitals. This is followed by three field surveys: in-depth interviewing of senior and middle nursing managers; questionnaire survey on appraisers; and questionnaire survey on appraisees. Result findings from this research show that the SDR is a fair system; and if utilised correctly, it is a valid tool in enhancing communication, achievement of departmental and organisation goals, improvement in performance and staff development. On the other hand, room for improvement is identified in various aspects such as administration of the system, design of review forms, reliability of the performance/merit-based reward system for managers, availability of development activities to meet training needs etc. Finally, recommendations are made such that improvement to the SDR system could be made.

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