An expert system for appraising ISO9000 quality management systems in the banking industry

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An expert system for appraising ISO9000 quality management systems in the banking industry


Author: Loh, Shun-see Jeanette
Title: An expert system for appraising ISO9000 quality management systems in the banking industry
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1998
Subject: Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)
Banks and banking -- Quality control -- Case studies
Expert systems (Computer science) -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies
Total quality management -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Computing
Pages: 3, v, 74, [23] leaves : ill. ; 29 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: The world is changing much quicker and more drastically these days. New technologies, deregulation, globalization, more customer focuses are some of the major momentum behind. As a result, winning in the business world has become more difficult. To cope with this, banks need to be versatile and undergo many paradigm shifts in order to sustain the competitive edge. One of the major move is to put more focus on service quality. Some banks look to Total Quality Management(TQM) concepts as the ultimate goal and ISO9000 as a stepping stone to promote service quality and customer loyalty. There are, however, many barriers to have efficient and effective adoption of ISO9000 in banks. The most common problem is how the ISO9002 concepts should be interpreted and applied in the banking industry in an effective way without creating unnecessary documentation burden. Another difficulty is to train up sufficient competent staff who adopts consistent standards and approach in assessing various functions of a bank. It is, therefore, useful for a bank to have an expert system for appraising An ISO9000 Quality System. The purpose of this research is to study how Information Technology (IT) in form of an expert system can act as an enabler to facilitate smooth and cost effective adoption of the ISO 9000 international quality standard in the banking industry.

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