Integration of intelligent network and telecommunication management network

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Integration of intelligent network and telecommunication management network


Author: Lai, Tai-wing
Title: Integration of intelligent network and telecommunication management network
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1997
Subject: Telecommunication systems -- Management
Computer networks -- Management
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Pages: viii, 131 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: The liberalization of the telecommunication business is the mainstream worldwide, network operators are rapidly experiencing a "new" world of deregulation and competition. To be able to cost-effectively provide exactly the right service with good quality at the right time, has become a vital part of the business. Intelligent Networks (IN) and Telecommunications Management Networks (TMN) are already two standardization efforts aimed at solving parts of these issues. However, IN and TMN cannot be treated separately. IN concepts is intended to unify the service creation and provision, but lacks of network-wide management concept. TMN provides the framework for the management of all the network elements but excludes the IN elements and it lacks of the concept of fast service creation. Furthermore, IN and TMN are developed independently, their architectures are overlapped, it is impossible to let them working together in one network. There is a generally recognized need to take effort on the integration of IN and TMN. The IN-TMN integrated network is proposed in this article. The new network model aims at to define a consistent integrated architecture of IN and TMN for the today telecommunications - addressing the needs from operations and management type services. It integrates the two platforms IN and TMN, retains the necessary features, deletes the duplicated parts, make the necessary connections for the interoperation of the two platforms, and develops new features to enhance both platforms. After the integration, the management of IN services and network are standardized, all network elements including IN are under the management of TMN, and the IN service functions related to service management are substituted by the corresponding TMN management functions, then the duplicate jobs of IN and TMN has been omitted; the standardized interfaces are adopted to enhance the interoperability for interoperation of network and internetworking among network operators, it also enable the interaction between network and customer; the uniform service deployment and provision of IN is retained and adopted for fast services creation including IN services and management services. Thus, the new IN-TMN integrated network owns the benefits of two platforms, such as fast service creation and completed management service provided. Furthermore, the system has the merits on network interoperability aspect, network management aspect and management service creation aspect. In addition, an implementation scheme of the IN-TMN integrated network is proposed, it provides an operational platform for the IN-TMN integrated network model. This platform can be suitable for general fixed telecommunications network. IN-TMN integrated network supports requirements from both network management activities and service provision needs, it is a valuable network model to cater the coming deregulation trends of telecommunications business, and the interworking of the different network operators.

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