Simulation study of leaky bucket algorithms for congestion control of multimedia traffic in B-ISDN

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Simulation study of leaky bucket algorithms for congestion control of multimedia traffic in B-ISDN


Author: Cheung, James On-kin
Title: Simulation study of leaky bucket algorithms for congestion control of multimedia traffic in B-ISDN
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1997
Subject: Integrated services digital networks
Multimedia systems
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Pages: 68, [19] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: In future, multimedia information will be transported on B-ISDN network. This dissertation is to analyse the performance of the leaky bucket algorithms in the congestion control of B-ISDN under multimedia applications. In this thesis, several types of traffic source were selected as input data for the simulation of multimedia environment. For each selected model of these traffic sources, a simulation program was designed to generate the data rate of frame sequences of each traffic source. In addition to the simulated traffic source data, a real traffic source, bit rate sequence of a film "Starwars" coded in MPEG format, was also included as input traffic source the ATM network. Various types of leaky bucket mechanism were analysed by means of simulation. As fact that the simulation program worked as a virtual test bed to evaluate performance of leaky bucket algorithms for congestion control of B-ISDN. The analyses focused on the cell loss, cell delay, and throughput of ATM link in the leaky bucket under different traffic mix. From the simulation results, it confirmed that leaky bucket can be used to perform flow control function for multimedia applications in the B-ISDN/ATM network. To improve the efficiency of leaky bucket mechanism, a modified double leaky bucket is proposed. This modification improves the flexibility of leaky bucket to control the traffic flow under different traffic loading. As well as, a parameter is also proposed to indicate the priority of tagged cells for loss-sensitive source. Statistical multiplexer should transmit those cells generated from loss-sensitive source with higher priority. It can maintain the degree of cell loss of loss-sensitive source under bursty condition or heavy loading condition.

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