A study of the Hong Kong pharmaceutical industry : implications for marketing management

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A study of the Hong Kong pharmaceutical industry : implications for marketing management


Author: Yeung, Kwok-chun Harry
Title: A study of the Hong Kong pharmaceutical industry : implications for marketing management
Degree: M.B.A.
Year: 1993
Subject: Pharmaceutical industry -- China -- Hong Kong
Drugs -- Prescribing
Hong Kong Polytechnic -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Management
Pages: 1 v. (various pagings : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
InnoPac Record: http://library.polyu.edu.hk/record=b1150943
URI: http://theses.lib.polyu.edu.hk/handle/200/1720
Abstract: An indepth research was carried out in the calendar year of 1992 for a thorough understanding of the knowledge of the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Industry, marketing and promotional activities for prescription drugs and the institutions and characteristics of the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Industry. A field research with the purpose of surveying doctors' perceptions and attitudes towards the pharmaceutical industry was conducted during 1st October - 15th November, 1992. One thousand structured questionnaires were sent out by regular mailing to a randomly selected group of doctors. One hundred and ten answered questionnaire were subsequently received. The response rate is 11 percent. Ninty-two questionnaire (58 and 34 answered by public and private doctors respectively) which had been completed on all four parts were used for data analysis. The major findings are as follows: i) Glaxo has the highest level of spontaneous awareness both in the public and private sectors. ii) 82% of all respondents mention quality/reliability/effectiveness of product spontaneously when asked to name three major factors accounted for a good company image. iii) Almost 6 in 10 doctors feel that a good company image is important in encouraging frequency of prescribing. iv) Product safety, product quality and reputation are the three most important attributes for doctors when they were asked to rank the relative importance of the 35 attributes of image factors. v) Public hospital doctors and private doctors have different priorities in their needs and marketers should use different tactics to treat them. vi) Seven areas of less important attributes of image factors were identified. They are the attractiveness of promotional materials, a full range of products, memorable medical journal advertising, bonusing practice, direct mailing, promotional gimmicks and persuasiveness. vii) Glaxo outpaced its four competitors (SKB, MSD, Roche, ICI) in terms of company performance, promotion and communication performance, delivery performance and overall performance. viii) The strength, weakness, waste and indifference role of the 35 attributes were rated by the respondents and presented in the Perceptual Mapping Chart. The findings imply that pharmaceutical marketers should implement changes in the following areas : i) Personal selling ability in terms of understanding the technical knowledge and communication skills should be emphasized on the medical representatives so that quality instead of quantity sales calls could be made. ii) Pharmaceutical marketers need to be conscious about maintaining a good company image and be a partner to the community through making contributions and donations and demonstrating their social responsibilities. iii) Apart from the provision of continuing medical education to medical profession, pharmaceutical marketers may support the awareness campaigns through offering patient/user information so that patients may demand the product from their doctors. iv) Accurate scientific positioning and building of the brand loyalty of pharmaceutical products should be managed together with the protection of patent right and trademark. v) Pharmaceutical marketers should be ready to reform its marketing tactics so that it will sustain its success over the dynamic changes of the environmental situation like, the cost containment exercise by Hospital Authority.

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