Investigation and improvement of operational and maintenance problems in Hong Kong potable water treatment works

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Investigation and improvement of operational and maintenance problems in Hong Kong potable water treatment works


Author: Wong, Oi-sing
Title: Investigation and improvement of operational and maintenance problems in Hong Kong potable water treatment works
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2001
Subject: Water -- Purification -- China -- Hong Kong
Water treatment plants -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering
Pages: ix, 104, [55] leaves : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: This dissertation focuses on the investigation and improvement of operational and maintenance problems in the Hong Kong potable water treatment works. It makes assessment on the existing water treatment techniques in the potable water treatment works. After the investigation on the existing treatment techniques, it is proposed to adopt new treatment technology for water treatment in Hong Kong treatment works in order to produce better quality of potable water. The amount of ammonia and bacteria and organic matter in the raw water supply are increasing, due to the deterioration in Dongjiang water resource. In addition the turbidity level of them are frequently changed substantially. This put a great pressure to the Water Supplies Department for maintaining acceptable quality treated water to the community. Through literature review, site visits and interviews with staff of the treatment works, the operational and maintenance problems existed in treatment works are identified as shown below: - - Inconsistent qualities in raw water supply affect the dosage of chemicals for treatment. - Potential hazard chemical handling for treatment and storage at the chemical house. - The pipeline for discharging chemical solution to the mixing tank is frequently blocked. - Clarifiers require regular cleaning and discharge of chemical sludge. - Filter beds require refilling of sand/anthracite regularly. - Backwash pipe at the filter bed frequently blocked. - False alarm of the chlorine leakage alarm system occasionally occurs. - Washwater recovery tank required cleaning. As mentioned above, those problems in most treatment works are due to the aging of the treatment facilities, which were built some 40 years ago. It also includes the operation of increasing chemical dosage (alum) and chlorine at the treatment process and the management on handling and storage of those chemicals. Increased dosing of chemicals will result in increasing the quantity of sludge produced and disinfectant-by-product (DBP), which in long term will increase hazard to human body. New technology for treatment works such as Microfiltration adopted in China and Macau proved to be successful and economical to produce better quality of potable water. Besides, using Ozonation and UV radiation technology for disinfection of treated water are also shown to be an alternative method for disinfection. At the end of this dissertation, Microfiltration with Ozonation treatment technology is proposed for modification of some old treatment works in Hong Kong. In addition, Bio-filters, Granular Active Carbon (GAC) and UV radiation technology should be explored for new treatment technology in Hong Kong potable water treatment works.

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