A study of vocational education and training of apparel merchandisers in Hong Kong

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A study of vocational education and training of apparel merchandisers in Hong Kong


Author: Fung, Cheuk-wai
Title: A study of vocational education and training of apparel merchandisers in Hong Kong
Degree: M.A.
Year: 1999
Subject: Clothing trade -- Employees -- Training of -- China -- Hong Kong
Vocational education -- China -- Hong Kong
Occupational training -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Institute of Textiles and Clothing
Pages: viii, 118 leaves : ill. ; 31 cm
Language: English
InnoPac Record: http://library.polyu.edu.hk/record=b1463736
URI: http://theses.lib.polyu.edu.hk/handle/200/2249
Abstract: Hong Kong is a major clothing exporter in the world. The export-orientation of the clothing industry has provided many job opportunities for youth to participate in the merchandising field. As a principal job, its importance to the clothing industry does not only associate with the large number of manpower, but also with the ownership of the professional skills and knowledge that contribute to the competitive advantages of the industry over other countries. The attitude of employers and employees towards training determines the method of training. The methods of training in turn affect the effectiveness of acquiring the skills and knowledge. The survey of this study involves two parts: (1) the first part aims at exploring the attitude of employers and employees to the education background, working experience and training of apparel merchandisers; and (2) the second part aims at studying the perception of employers and employers on the importance of skills and knowledge to apparel merchandisers. Before conducting the survey, literature review has been carried out on the apparel merchandising in Hong Kong, the job skills and knowledge of apparel merchandisers, and the vocational education and training of apparel merchandisers. The literature search provided a framework from which the questionnaire was developed, with consideration to the situation in Hong Kong. It was found that large enterprises prefer to hire employees with higher qualification. Two to three years working experience prior to entering the merchandising job is preferred. Working performance received the most concern and the effectiveness of training should result in improvement of working performance. The attitude towards the methods of on-the-job training was diversified between the employers and employees. However, both groups favoured short-course as the most direct and effective training method. Individual skills and knowledge for apparel merchandisers were rated by both employers and employees. It was found that merchandising skills, communication skills and personal skills were important to a competent merchandiser. Underlying knowledge, including technical knowledge, business knowledge, language and ethical studies are necessary.

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