An evaluation of technology management system in project resource management

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An evaluation of technology management system in project resource management


Author: Tsui, Suk-chong Fiona
Title: An evaluation of technology management system in project resource management
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2000
Subject: Project management -- Data processing
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Dept. of Management
Pages: x, 110 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: Since 1980s, computer technology was being forecast as a significant influence in work organisations for 1980s and beyond (Willcocks and Mason, 1988). Nowadays, it is well proved that computer software is a remarkable and effective tool to assist human daily operation and management in various industries. How would a company be benefit from the introduction of a computer software for an operation process? It seems likely that new office technology will change the nature of work and will provide a electronic tool for information storage (Wainwright and Francis, 1986). An early, school of thought relating technology is suggested that, led to a positive response from employees, the "socio-technical design" principles which relates to job design and operator satisfaction should be applied in order to meet individuals' work needs (Trist, 1963). In addition to its effect on individual jobs, a change in technology may also have implications of the organisation structure. This research problem is concerning about the feasibility of using a computer software in project resource (financial) management in an engineering consulting company. A Project Forecasting and Monitoring Software (ProForM) has been developed by the UK head office for assisting the project managers at different offices world-wide by a consistent facility. The building services (BS) group in Hong Kong office is considering to adopt this new software for their project managers. An assessment on the application of the ProForM, in terms of impacts of office operation system, organisation structure and job changes, had been conducted. The objectives of this research are: i) to evaluate the impacts of the introduction of "ProforM" in the BS group on organisation structure, job changes and people involved; ii) based on the findings, to suggest ways of adoption of the "ProForM" for the BS group. Structural interviews are carried out with different staff including top management director, software designer, users and potential operators, to measure the people values towards the introduction of ProForM system, and to assess the impact on work and impact on structure. The ProForM assessment results shows that its improvement on timely invoice to client for maintaining positive cash flow is found to be minimal due to the nature of high reliability on project managers capability and performance. Moreover, the quality and effectiveness of the project resources management work is found to be improved by the present of ProForM. It is due to its identified benefit of imposing a standardised tool for project resources management which simultaneously as a tool to monitor the project managers' performance and work quality. Positive views are found for its improvement of financial information availability, of new office facility and for gaining experience of using this UK software. Besides, the assessment also give a positive result on improvement of the project financial management efficiency and on advancement of technological skill of the staff using the ProForM system. Since the adoption of ProForM is not for immediate benefit or direct improvement of work efficiency, it is recommended that the ProforM application shall be adopted in phase.

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