Use of information networks of SMEs in Hong Kong and their impact on the organization

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Use of information networks of SMEs in Hong Kong and their impact on the organization


Author: Wong, Yat-hung
Title: Use of information networks of SMEs in Hong Kong and their impact on the organization
Year: 2000
Subject: Small business -- China -- Hong Kong -- Data processing
Information technology -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Management
Pages: x, 82 leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: In tradition, flexibility and adaptation are the keys to success, growth and survival for the local Small-Medium sized Enterprises in Hong Kong. However, facing with the turbulent environment, these factors are not sufficient to lead to success of the business in the near future. It is becoming essential for local SMEs to upgrade their applications of Information Technology to complete with the fast-changing business environment. In particular, the uses of Information Networks, developed by the SMEs themselves, or provided by reseller, IT consulting firms or even rented by some Value Added Network providers, improve their efficiency and productivity in various industries. The uses may also have profound impact on their organizations. The paper reviews the relationship between the use of Information Networks and the organization in the aspect of the organizational structure and culture. The first part gives an introduction of IT and local environment in Hong Kong The second part initially gives a brief definition of Information Technology, Information System and Information Networks and development of IT and the network types and uses. The organizational structure and culture are discussed and the Open System theory and the Environment - Organization Interaction Matrix as well as the framework by Yogesh Malhotra (1993) are also discussed in details in this part, deriving the hypothesis in my study regarding the organizational structure and culture. The third part describes the methodology and the statistic analysis method. The findings and analysis of the research will be discussed in the fourth part with a verification of the hypotheses in my study. The fifth part concludes with a discussion of the explanations of the impact of the use of Information Networks on the organization structure and culture and future research and limitation will also be discussed. A key conclusion is that the uses of IT/IN results in a lower complexity, formalization in the local SMEs and facilitates the coordination within and between departments in a firm and even among the different firms in a value-chain, thus enabling more lateral communication in the firm and more outsourcing activities. Also its uses enable a more emphasis on team working and learning culture in the firms.

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