Shock wave effect on ex vivo articular cartilage

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Shock wave effect on ex vivo articular cartilage


Author: Tse, Chi-yung
Title: Shock wave effect on ex vivo articular cartilage
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Articular cartilage
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy
Department: Jockey Club Rehabilitation Engineering Centre
Pages: xiii, 74 leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Shock wave is a transient pressure disturbance with wave form that propagates in three-dimensional space. Within recent decades, shock wave therapy has been increasingly applied to a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. These applications include calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, nonunion and delayed union of fractures. Shock wave therapy also has been further introduced on osteonecrosis at femoral head and osteochondritis dissecans at knee and ankle joints. Articular cartilage and subchondral bone may also receive shock wave during therapy. Pathological condition can be raised within these connective tissues and leads to chronic diseases, like osteoarthritis. In this study, medium-energy (0.54 mJ/mm2) shock wave was applied on bovine patellae in vitro. After application of shock wave, tissue structure of articular cartilage and subchondral bone were studied by ultrasound imaging, light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Ultrasound imaging showed no significant changes in cartilage structure and thickness. In SEM, defects about 30 to 100 um were noted on the cartilage surface but no change at sectional view. Light microscopy revealed defects at cartilage surface, inside the tissue as well as at calcified cartilage and subchondral bone. Shock wave showed damaging effect on bovine articular cartilage by microscopy only.

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