The development of a lifestyle instrument for measuring health-related behaviours in Hong Kong

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The development of a lifestyle instrument for measuring health-related behaviours in Hong Kong


Author: Leung, Sau-fong
Title: The development of a lifestyle instrument for measuring health-related behaviours in Hong Kong
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1998
Subject: Lifestyles -- Health aspects -- China -- Hong Kong -- Research -- Methodology
Health behavior -- China -- Hong Kong -- Research -- Methodology
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Dept. of Nursing and Health Sciences
Pages: viii, 162 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
InnoPac Record:
Abstract: This study focuses on development of a lifestyle instrument as an assessment tool designed to measure health-related behaviours in Hong Kong. The instrument which consisted of 66 items was developed from selected samples in two hospitals, a University health clinic, three community centres and people interviewed in parks. The test-retest reliability of the initial instrument was satisfactory (0.68-0.99). The content validity was adequate as judged by a panel of five experts. Factor analysis produced 17 factors which explained 61.9% of the variance. These factors could be classified under the domains of dietary habit, leisure activity smoking, drug use, alcohol consumption, health awareness, health maintenance, ritual and belief, and readiness for lifestyle change. The number of domains in the instrument reflected the multidimensional concept of lifestyle behaviours. Internal consistency reliability of each subscale was examined using Cronbach's alpha. Five subscales achieved a high internal consistency reliability (0.77-0.98), but it was low in three subscales (0.38-0.48) and moderate in the rest of the subscales (0.5-0.67).The present study is a beginning effort to develop a lifestyle instrument in Hong Kong. Continuous refinement, reliability testing and validation of the instrument are necessary in the future. The instrument shows promise as a tool for increasing understanding of lifestyle and health-related behaviours in Hong Kong and for use by health care professionals to facilitate comprehensive assessment and health education.

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