Building a data warehouse : the case of ABC Bank

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Building a data warehouse : the case of ABC Bank


Author: Tsang, Man-yee Doris
Title: Building a data warehouse : the case of ABC Bank
Degree: M.B.A.
Year: 1999
Subject: Banks and banking -- China -- Hong Kong -- Data processing -- Case studies
Data warehousing -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Management
Pages: x, 137 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: Information technology is reshaping the way enterprises operate. It is changing the entire process by which enterprises develop their products and services. In turn, it is affecting the whole value creation process within the enterprises. In simple words, enterprises are exploiting ways of using information technology to create competitive advantage. This project is about how ABC Bank (the Bank) attempts to create its competitive advantage by using Data Warehouse. Since information becomes a valuable asset and a competitive tool in the banking business, Data Warehouse seems to be able to provide both values and opportunities to the Bank. This study addresses Data Warehouse in business aspects and investigates the feasibility of building a Data Warehouse in the Bank for supporting the Bank's strategic initiatives and decision making. In the study, a mixture of case study and survey method is employed to examine the importance of business a Data Warehouse in the Bank. Primary research data is collected through face-to-face interviews, field observations and documentation review. Survey results from consulting firms and journal articles are used as secondary supporting information. The most important findings of the study are related to the information flows and information support of the Bank. More than 70% interviewees find inadequate access to business information, systems environment is complex, excessive time spent on report preparation, lack of historical data and insufficient data coverage. The business units have been looking for new ways of accessing and analysing information to support the implementation of business strategies. Positive feedback was received on the initiative of finding new information support architecture. By analysing the business requirements and examining the justifications, the study concludes that there are concrete benefits for the Bank to build a Data Warehouse as an information base to support the various financial and marketing activities in the enterprise. In addition, Data Warehouse can be used support most of the business goals such as increase revenue, lower unit cost and provide exceptional customer satisfaction. In conclusion, ABC Bank should start building a Data Warehouse base around customer data to support up-sell, cross-sell, customer retention and other customer focused efforts. As the Bank increases its information base by building up the contents of the Data Warehouse, the information will be leveraged for applications such Customer Segmentation, Customer Relationship Management and Profitability Analysis. It is recommended that the Bank proceed incrementally to develop and deliver the Data Warehouse. Industry experience suggests that the most expedient and effective approach to building successful Data Warehouse is to decompose them into well-defined stages that deliver business value immediately. Besides the positive feedback of building a Data Warehouse in the Bank, concerns also raised by interviewees. It is important to acknowledge that the concerns of the users are legitimate and need to be addressed. Having decided to build a Data Warehouse, all concerns raised by users can be resolved by communicating the value of a Data Warehouse to the potential users and involve everyone with a stake in the Data Warehouse throughout the project.

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