Investigation of noise propagation from air conditioning plants to surrounding environment

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Investigation of noise propagation from air conditioning plants to surrounding environment


Author: Tsang, Hon-kei
Title: Investigation of noise propagation from air conditioning plants to surrounding environment
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1997
Subject: Air conditioning -- Noise
Ventilation -- Noise
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Pages: vi, 53, [73] leaves : ill. ; 31 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: Noise environment protection is a hot topic for the public and much concern in the Government and Engineering field in the recent years. Most studies and development of the Building Services Engineering had been done on the indoor environment. I would like to take this chance of study to evaluate the external effect of noise problems created by the Building Services Equipment. The air conditioning system and ventilation system provides good conditioned indoor environment but the chiller or the air conditioning plants have created noise problems. This effect is of special importance in a small but congested city like Hong Kong where people usually live very close to the mentioned low frequency sound sources of air conditioning equipment. The control of noise propagation in protecting the environmental is very important. However, before a successful noise control strategy can be developed, evaluation of noise control measures shall be carefully done. This project intended to study noise effects on some installed plants. When a group of chillers or louvres creating noise to the environment, the noise are much difficult to predict. It is not like the point source effect as the usual calculations in text book. The attenuation properties of noise barrier and silencer given in the catalogue are also not very reliable. Also, the operating conditions of the air conditioning plants alter the sound power generation. In addition, the use of silencer may affect the orientation of typical designed air conditioning plants. The orientation of the inlet and exhaust or out let of louvres of acoustic enclosure also required to selected in considering with many factors. All these problems and the performance of noise barriers and silencers in real scenario will be addressed in this dissertation. It is hoped that information and discussion on this dissertation study of air conditioning plants noise control can be used as a reference for Building Services Engineers in the design of the overall air-conditioning system of buildings. Three case studies are presented in this report. Firstly, the noise propagation studied case of HKPU carpark exhaust louvre will be discussed in details. The study was mainly to study the noise propagation effect for a noise source plant to a large surface on ground. The discussions can be used as guideline for future design of plants facing public. In additon, before this core study taken I had also studied two other cases to analysis the noise performance. First one I had investigated into what were the performance of the acoustic on the acoustic enclosure of chiller plant in a commercial development. The second one was to study the protection of acoustic enclosure on an existing chiller plant for suiting the Environmental Protection Department requirement. Hopefully, the human being are living in a better environment in the world both by the development of internal building services design and the outdoor consideration of environment protection by the mean of noise control.

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