Globalization of electrical appliance suppliers in Asia

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Globalization of electrical appliance suppliers in Asia


Author: Chau, Hon-kau
Title: Globalization of electrical appliance suppliers in Asia
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Electric apparatus and appliances -- Asia
Globalization -- Asia
Department: Graduate School of Business
Pages: vi, 126 leaves ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: This dissertation intends to provide with the new entrants of electrical appliance supplier strategic insights on how to implement the globalization process by adopting merger and acquisition and strategic alliance. The dissertation is so exploratory in nature that practical experiences are researched on successful corporations in Asia Pacific regions. The researched corporations were carefully selected to reflect the actual successful cases in this field. They are respectively Haier Corporation in China, Samsung Corporation in Korea and Sony Corporation in Japan. Sony is probably the most innovative company in electrical appliance field of industry; Samsung is the fast developing company in the newly developed country; Haier is located in China, whose population are 1.2 billion people. It is therefore worth to research these three corporations. This research will critically review the globalization process of these three corporations and compare the strategies of these corporations. There is no intention to generalize any theory but to apply the existing academic literature to explain in deeper details the globalization process. The research will surround mainly merger and acquisition and strategic alliance and their motives in the globalization process. The research is exploratory nature. The researcher is collecting mainly the secondary data and try to synthesize and analyze the globalization process of all these three corporations and provide the implications, which are useful to the current and new entrants in the electrical appliance industry. At the same time it is helpfully for the government to formulate their own strategy on how to promote healthily the electrical appliance industry in their own country. The research shows that all these corporations globalize based on global market consideration, the macro-environmental change especially in government policy will have a great impact to their globalization processes and strategies. For those who want to diversify will find the equity strategic alliance may best fit their strategy. This research will also show that OEM type globalization mode may fit for the short term order basis, in long-run these corporations still have to consider to carry their own brand name strategy so that the premium price can be charged to the customer. The change of OEM type of globalization to brand name strategy will finally cost a lot of expenses spending on promotion and setting up the marketing channels. Although the researcher could not obtain the primary data from these three corporations, the secondary data from Sony, Haier, Samsung could still achieve the targets of research objectives. This research is originally targeted the new entrants as the main audience. Therefore it is recommended to the new entrants, through reading of this research they are able to analyze what sort of strategic tools of globalization is suitable for their corporations, what the impact of the government policy is, whether OEM or brand strategy they should actually take, what sort of resources should be allocated in removing their difficulties during globalization. There is no straight answer, because different companies have different resources. This research can base on the actual result from practical experiences of the researched corporation to provide the objective ideas and comments to the new entries.

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