Reinventing government in Hong Kong : the case of Housing Department

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Reinventing government in Hong Kong : the case of Housing Department


Author: Tang, Wai-yee Anita
Title: Reinventing government in Hong Kong : the case of Housing Department
Year: 1999
Subject: Hong Kong (China). Housing Dept. -- Management
Reengineering (Management) -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Dept. of Management
Pages: viii, 154 leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: The revolution of reform for service improvement prevalent in the private sector is spreading to the public sector in the recent years. The public outcry for 'reinventing the Government' has created a strong pressure on the government to make commitment to carry out reforms for enhancing the provision and delivery of service. The public is demanding for a more open, accountable and responsive government which provides high quality services to meet their needs and aspirations. The Housing Department, as a quasi-government department whose services touch the daily life of half of the population in Hong Kong, is facing an unprecedented challenge to make a great stride to improve its service. In fact, the Housing Department found that its reputation has been declining through the years. There are endless complaints directed to the Department or referred from the Ombudsman. According to the statistics from the Ombudsman, the complaint figures related to the Department continue to stay high up the list. This reflected that the service and performance provided by the Department did not meet the customers' expectations. Not only did the external customers feel dissatisfied with the service of the Department, the Employees Satisfaction Survey carried out by the Department in mid-1995 also indicated that its staff considered that their job satisfaction need to be further enhanced. With a determination to rebuild its public image, the Housing Department embarked on a full-scale reinventing programme in early 1997 aiming at service enhancement. Since the launching of a wide range of reform initiatives, there has been multiple changes in the Department including transformation in its organisation structure, working routines / procedures and resources redeployment. This paper seeks to explore the impetus behind the need for reform and then look into the factors attributable to the non-performance of the Housing Department from an institutional perspective. The obstacles which have hindered the Department from improving service will be discussed and then followed by an analysis of the key reinventing initiatives launched by the Department. An evaluation of these reinventing initiatives will be conducted thereafter. The last part of the study will project into the future path of reform for the Department. It sets the scene for conducting future researches to explore further into the needs and also the associated issues underlying the proposed change in the Department's mode of service delivery as discussed in the final part of this paper.

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