An exploratory study in sexuality among Chinese stoma patients and their spouses in Hong Kong

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An exploratory study in sexuality among Chinese stoma patients and their spouses in Hong Kong


Author: Lam, Choi-ping
Title: An exploratory study in sexuality among Chinese stoma patients and their spouses in Hong Kong
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2006
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Enterostomy -- Patients -- Sexual behavior.
Department: School of Nursing
Pages: vi, 90 leaves ; 30 cm.
Language: English
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Abstract: Sexuality is a key component of human's life, and stoma formation affects sexuality directly by the surgery and indirectly by an altered body image and problems with management of the stoma during sexual activity. The aim of this study was to explore sexuality among Chinese stoma patients and their spouses in Hong Kong. A qualitative phenomenological approach was adopted. Six couples were recruited purposively and totally twelve subjects were interviewed individually and separately. A qualitative content analysis was used. Six common themes were found in the perceptions of sexuality among stoma patients and their spouses: a biological response; a basic human need; a relation; an act to satisfy the partner; a recreation; and a key for strengthening physical body. However, they had different viewpoint in perception of sexuality in marriage. For the impact of stoma formation, different kinds of sexual dysfunction were identified in the stoma patients and it caused a serial of psychological problems. For the spouses, they had positive attitude to the patients' sexual dysfunctions, they expressed that it promoted their marital relationship and aroused their concerns and caring. Four psychological obstacles were found in the spouses and caused them decreased or withdrawal from the sexual activities: fear of injury to the stoma site; worry about dislodgement of the appliance; anxiety about wound healing; and fears to induce pain to the partner. The study showed that both patients and spouses had much of misconceptions and sexual myths in stoma surgery and sexuality. Such knowledge deficit and maladaptive attitudes caused ineffective coping patterns they used. Inadequate sex education in the health care delivery system was found. The findings of this study enhance nurses and other health care providers to understand the actual sexual health needs among Chinese stoma patients and their spouses. The sexual information facilitates them to assess their clients in their perspectives and establish client-centered health care plan. The awareness of the importance of sexuality will encourage nursing professions to equip themselves in sexual knowledge and openness attitudes in sexual education.

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