Formation of logistics network for SME by collaboration of technology

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Formation of logistics network for SME by collaboration of technology


Author: Tam, Tak-yiu Jonathan
Title: Formation of logistics network for SME by collaboration of technology
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Business logistics
Small business -- Marketing
Telecommunication -- Japan -- Marketing -- Case studies
Department: Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Pages: xi, 126, iii leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: The initial intention of the research is to help my current company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the second largest telecommunications company in Japan, to find a way for increasing the market share of local SME which is rather price concern. While it is famous in telecommunications industry and towards Japanese people, it had not been properly advertised itself in local market. Simply a price war for competing with local service providers is in vain because of our comparatively high service cost. A low-cost solution which can increase the subscriber base of SME or at least promote our company brand without huge investment is strongly requested. Finally, a framework which can promote our professional strength and establish good relationship with SME without high investment is proposed. This research investigates on the design and development of a framework and architecture which is suitable for SME community integration through the help from KDDI HK which acts as ASP and the use of XML and heuristics algorithm for eases the daily operations of SME. It synthesizes both experience and the literature to develop a business extended enterprise model for the migration of the traditional firm to an appropriate community integration strategy and architecture. The model addresses technology, business alliance processes, and strategy. It integrates two unrelated fields and technologies namely XML and heuristics. XML is always a key topic for IT people to study and is good for data exchange. Heuristics algorithm seems only related to people with Operations Research background only. Literature review identifies why the XML technology has not yet been deployed in SME or has been implemented but not yet successfully and also why heuristics has not been widely accepted especially for SME. Use of heuristics can increase the application extension and reduce the cost of development because of its intuitive nature. I attempt to overcome its weakness using innovative design and implementation methodology. As a result, a conceptual design model, which is suitable to deploy in SME environment, will be depicted for modeling business workflow under XML context. This model encompresses modified and enhanced XML Industrial Project (XIP) and Heuristics algorithm tools for the development of a framework, which can easily be replicated, called Extended XIP Management System (EXMS), is proposed. Desperate components such as MS Excel templates with macro, tool for monitoring the status change called "Automate" and XIP excel templates are used for data model, system and programming. These have contributed to design and development of the EXMS, it provides a total solution for all SME community integration. The methodologies and concepts proposed are validated by the actual deployment in selected SME. Despite the fact that, because of limited time, community integration could not be well established, the partial result obtained provides better performance indexes. As a result, it ascertains the proposal, which is in fact an application of the knowledge through integration of tools.

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