Breastfeeding status of infants admitted to neonatal unit in Hong Kong

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Breastfeeding status of infants admitted to neonatal unit in Hong Kong


Author: Lee, Sze-wai Josephine
Title: Breastfeeding status of infants admitted to neonatal unit in Hong Kong
Year: 2001
Subject: Breast feeding -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Nursing and Health Sciences
Pages: v, 81, [24] leaves ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: This is a study to explore the breastfeeding status of infants admitted to neonatal unit in a hospital in Hong Kong; to identify problems that are encountered by their mothers, and the predicting factors of these women's success in continuing breastfeeding. One hundred and thirty women with infants admitted to the neonatal unit were recruited as subjects of the study. Findings of this study showed that the in-hospital breastfeeding initiation rate was 53.8%, and continuation of breastfeeding rates were 51.4%, 25.7%, 15.7% and 12.8 % at 4 and 8 weeks, and 4 and 6 months postpartum respectively. The strongest predictor of continuing breastfeeding for longer period is breastfeeding pattern in the neonatal unit. Study results also revealed that knowledge deficit concerning lactation, inadequate facilitates, inconvenient, breastfeeding problems such as inadequate milk production, breast refusal and inadequate guidance were the common factors hindering breastfeeding practices of mothers in the neonatal unit. These findings provide hospital administrators with future planning for neonatal unit structure and education program for women with infants admitted to neonatal unit, in effort to encourage breastfeeding.

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