Development of a two-layer zone model for a single compartment

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Development of a two-layer zone model for a single compartment


Author: Siu, Kwok-sun
Title: Development of a two-layer zone model for a single compartment
Year: 2001
Subject: Fire prevention
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Dept. of Building Services Engineering
Pages: xi, 87, [65] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: A two-layer fire zone model "CS-ZONE" is developed for simulating the fire environment in a single compartment. Based on the assumption of the two homogenous gas layers, namely, upper and lower gas layer, eleven governing equations on pressure, upper and lower layer gas temperatures, internal energies, densities, mass and volumes in the compartment are derived. These eleven equations are the fundamentals of two-layer fire zone model and are solved by numerical methods. A special feature of "CS-ZONE" is that users can select the fire plumes out of four choices, namely, the Area-source Morton-Taylor-Tuner Plume, Point-source Morton-Taylor-Tuner Plume, McCaffrey Plume (from empirical data for near field region) and Zukoski plume (from empirical data). Moreover, user can simulate a number of scenarios and then compare the simulation results. The user can also compare the simulation results with those predicted by other fire models or with the experimental results. "CS-ZONE" is executed in "Microsoft Windows 95" or "Microsoft Windows 98". Because of the user-friendly interface, it is easy to carry out the simulation. The source code of "CS-ZONE" is complied by "Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0". Object-oriented programming is adopted. And because of the well-structured programming, it is easily to modify the "CS-ZONE". Like other zone models, their capabilities and limitations must be understood before carrying out simulation. This report describes the equations employed, the physical basis of these equations and the assumptions made in "CS-ZONE". Some comparisons of simulation results generated by "CS-ZONE" and "CFAST version 2.0.1" are made. In general, the simulation results of "CS-ZONE" match with that of "CFAST version 2.0.1".

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