Role of support elements in the relationship between work-family conflicts and organizational & individual outcomes

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Role of support elements in the relationship between work-family conflicts and organizational & individual outcomes


Author: Chak, Siu-kuen Amy
Title: Role of support elements in the relationship between work-family conflicts and organizational & individual outcomes
Year: 2000
Subject: Work and family -- China -- Hong Kong
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Dept. of Management
Pages: v, 97 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: Despite numerous researches on Work Family Conflict in the western countries, local researches are still very limited. Most of the past researches were focused on antecedents and outcomes. With the present study, it directs us to turn to the Support variables in the Workplace and at Home for possible solutions to the consequences for organization and individual when interfaced with Work Family Conflict and Family Work Conflict. Overall speaking, the magnitude of Work Family Conflict exceeded that of Family Work Conflict. The former has more significance on Individual Outcomes than Family Work Conflict on Organizational Outcomes. In terms of Family Work Conflict, Behaviour-based Family Work Conflict was significantly affecting Organizational Outcomes. On the other hand, Strain-based and Behaviour-based Work Family Conflict was playing significant influence over Individual Outcomes respectively. When studied alone, Support from Supervisor was significant predictor of Organizational Outcome except on Absenteeism. Co-worker support did not show up as significant predictor. On the other side, Support at Home especially from Spouse was significant predictor of Individual Outcomes except in Parental Satisfaction. Family Members Support was significant predictor of Parental Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction. Quite different from hypothesized outcome, the moderating effect of Supervisory Support was found to be a negative predictor of Job Satisfaction and both positive and negative predictor of Turnover Satisfaction when interacted with Timed-based FIW and Behaviour-based FIW respectively. Co-worker Support was predictor of Job Involvement and Turnover Intentions while interfaced with Behaviour-based FIW. As a block, Moderating Variables in the Workplace were significant predictor of Organizational Outcomes. On the contrary, Moderating Effect of Support at Home, though as a block was significant predictor of Individual Outcomes, showed lack lust significance. Only Domestic Helper Support interacting with Strain-based Work Family Conflict was found as significant predictor of Life Satisfaction.

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