In-situ measurement of water side air-conditioning equipment performance

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In-situ measurement of water side air-conditioning equipment performance


Author: Chiu, Tak-wing
Title: In-situ measurement of water side air-conditioning equipment performance
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 1996
Subject: Air conditioning -- Equipment and supplies -- Testing
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Multi-disciplinary Studies
Pages: 86, [16] leaves : ill. ; 31 cm
Language: English
Abstract: Energy conservation has been a topic of much concern in the recent years. Much effort has been paid by air-conditioning system designers and operators to save energy by designing energy efficient systems and operating systems at their highest efficiency. Although many sophisticated control methods for efficient operation of systems have emerged, the need for adequate instruments for measurement and monitoring of equipment performance has not received sufficient attention. In order to find out or verify whether an equipment is running as expected, appropriate measuring instrument must be available. However, it has been found that, in many buildings in Hong Kong, the measuring instrument installed is far from sufficient or appropriate to enable equipment performance to be precisely evaluated. In this dissertation, a survey on instrumentation provision in existing buildings in Hong Kong and the corresponding instrument reliabilities are reported, also, what improvement could be done in order that the prime objective of the measurement can be fulfilled are discussed. Two case studies are presented in this report. One investigating into how the system performance of a typical chilled water plant can be determined by a practical low-cost method with minimum disturbance to the system operation. The second one discuss the proposed measuring instrument for a chilled water plant system and illustrate justification regarding cost and accuracy.

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