Impact of low cost prosthesis (monolimb) on quality of life in geriatric leprosy amputees

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Impact of low cost prosthesis (monolimb) on quality of life in geriatric leprosy amputees


Author: Yu, Lai-yin.
Title: Impact of low cost prosthesis (monolimb) on quality of life in geriatric leprosy amputees
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Geriatric orthopedics
Older people with disabilities -- Health and hygiene
Quality of life
Department: Jockey Club Rehabilitation Engineering Centre
Pages: 88 leaves : col. ill. ; 30 cm.
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Abstract: Amputation caused by leprosy complication is a common phenomenon. This makes the condition complicated, especially the impact of the quality of life. Most amputees with leprosy in Guangdong Province, China use metal prosthesis which often cause complication. The change of prosthesis design may benefit these amputees but the certainty is unknown. Using an alternative design of low-cost prosthesis, the monolimb may improve the quality of life of patients. Moreover, the current designs of monolimbs may need to be improved if there are other prosthetic design features, which may further benefit / improve functioning of client. There are two objectives in this study, 1) to compare difference of quality of life and 2) to compare difference of functional activity in geriatric leprosy amputees between the use of monolimb and metal prosthesis. This study was divided into three phases. The first phase spent four months for SF-36 health survey and prosthesis assessment questionnaire data collection on metal prosthesis, monolimb measurement, fitting and follow up. The second phase spent six months for subject monolimb adaptation. No visit and follow up was given. The third phase spent three months to complete the questionnaires data collection after monolimb prescription. Twelve subjects participated in the study. The results of the Chinese (HK) SF-36 health survey for metal prosthesis group and monolimb group were 67.7 and 59.1, respectively, for physical functioning, 65.9 and 70.5 for role-physical, 69.3 and 61.2 for bodily pain, 50.3 and 60.2 for general health, 70 and 65.9 for vitality, 83 and 86.4 for social functioning, 51.5 and 72.7 for role-emotional, and 77.5 and 72.4 for mental health. The results of the prosthesis assessment questionnaire for metal prosthesis group and monolimb group were 42.4 and 70.5, respectively, for cosmesis, 56.8 and 54.5 for comfort, 61.4 and 68.6 for function. Cost in monolimb application could not be scored because subjects' way of getting metal prosthesis was different. Score for cost after treatment was 54.5. Role-physical, general health, social functioning, role-emotional has an increase while physical functioning, bodily pain, vitality and mental health has a decrease after the monolimb prescription and SF36 questionnaire assessment with p value ranging from 0.2 to 0.82. Moreover, it is noted that cosmesis of monolimb has a significant increase when compared with that of metal prosthesis. It also has a slightly increase in function though the result is not significant. However, the comfort level of monolimb is lower than that of metal prosthesis. It was not expected though the result was not significant. Cost cannot be compared for subjects' way of getting metal prosthesis is different. Dimensions other than monolimb affecting quality of life, small subject number, design of monolimb for geriatric leprosy subjects may be the reasons of the insignificant result. Suggestions on increase in subject number, alignment measurement in weight bearing condition/adjustment technique of monolimb and modified alignment transfer technique of monolimb were given.

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