A study of the needs of expatriates for cultural attractions in Shanghai

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A study of the needs of expatriates for cultural attractions in Shanghai


Author: Lau, Wai-ling Linda
Title: A study of the needs of expatriates for cultural attractions in Shanghai
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2006
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Aliens -- China -- Shanghai
Heritage tourism -- China -- Shanghai
Market segmentation -- China -- Shanghai
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: vii, 71 leaves ; 30 cm.
InnoPac Record: http://library.polyu.edu.hk/record=b1986309
URI: http://theses.lib.polyu.edu.hk/handle/200/5469
Abstract: The accelerating globalization and the increasing population of expatriates, people living away from home countries, have caught the attention of the financial sector like banks and insurance companies for the business opportunities. The composition of expatriates is complex: people from different countries, across age groups, of different economic and social backgrounds. While coping with usually unfamiliar environments, expatriates are expected to perform well in their career in a foreign land. Their well-being as part of the community and adjustments to the new culture and environments is mostly left up to them. Expatriates have limited access to gain understanding of the local culture and communities in order to adjust to the new environments that they are working and living. The aim of this research is to identify the needs of expatriates living in Shanghai for cultural visits. Grounded theory approach was employed as it is an alternative approach for studying and conceptualizing consumer experiences. The analyses of observation and interviews have revealed the needs of expatriates who attended cultural visits in four categories: learning about the place and people; broadening views and enlightenment; developing connections and intercultural communication. With very little research undertaken on expatriates' needs, this research is significant in pioneering a new field that deserves more attention in the present ever increasing globalizing society. The findings from cultural visits give suggestions for expatriates to take appropriate steps of meeting their needs in the adjustment process. The fulfillment of such needs can help to improve intercultural effectiveness in work and daily living. Cultural visits can play an effective role in overcoming the challenge of adjustments. The well-defined needs of expatriates can also contribute to developing cultural visits or tours that are more satisfying to participants. In addition, better understanding of expatriates can lead the host country and local community to design environments and provide appropriate services to them. These actions would help to enhance the attractiveness of the place, its image, and socio-economic development as such a place able to lure increasing influx of residents from overseas.

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