Energy and economic performance analysis of gas-engine driven heat pump for air-conditioning

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Energy and economic performance analysis of gas-engine driven heat pump for air-conditioning


Author: Pan, Yingxuan
Title: Energy and economic performance analysis of gas-engine driven heat pump for air-conditioning
Degree: M.Eng.
Year: 2010
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Air conditioning -- Energy consumption
Heat pumps -- Evaluation
Department: Dept. of Building Services Engineering
Pages: xii, 66 leaves : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Abstract: High energy demand causes numberous peroblems such as shortage of energy source, CO₂emission and global warming. In order to reduce the influence brought by these problems, extensive research on saving energy has been conducted in recent years. Cooling and space heating provision are two main energy consumption sources for buildings in China. This study examines the energy and ecnomic performance of the Gas-Engine Driven Heat Pumps (GEHP or GHP) for heating and cooling. The energy performance will be found by calculating the Primary Energy Ration (PER) and economic performance by comparing the costs with traditional technique: Electric Heat Pumps (EHP). Comparison study of the GEHP and EHP is made by using the data of a community in Changzhou, in order to identify relevant data of different air-conditioning systems and calculate the PER, cost and payback period of the systems. The study indicates that the GEHP, with a higher PER, costs less during operation, but needs more initial investment than a EHP. The PER for GEHP reaches 1.83 and 1.58 for cooling and heating, respectively, while for EHP, it is 0.91 and 1.19 for space cooling and heating, respectively. In the community which is the data source of this research, when GEHP is applied, the operating cost can be lowered by nearly 0.5 million yuan per year. With consideration of higher initial investment cost of 5.3 million for the GEHP, the payback period is 8 years, Meanwhile, the amount of carbon dioxide from the GEHP is only one third of that of the EHP. There are some barriers to the implementation of this technique of GEHP and this aspect is necessary for further study.

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