The design and implementation of special experiments for principles of a computer organization

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The design and implementation of special experiments for principles of a computer organization


Author: Jiang, Xinning
Title: The design and implementation of special experiments for principles of a computer organization
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2010
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Computer organization -- Study and teaching (Higher)
Teaching -- Methodology
Department: Dept. of Computing
Pages: xiii, 119 leaves : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Abstract: "Principles of Computer Organization" course is a core of computer professional course; it is very abstract. The student must be trained through the practice link to remove some paradoxical concept in order to master the internal operation mechanism of a computer system to lay a solid foundation for the follow-up course. For many years, the experimental teaching of the "Principles of Computer Organization" in general is based on "Verification type" in explain content and the corresponding teaching methods, it can’t suitable to the current rapid development of computer technology. So, this method can’t cutivate students’ ability on independent innovation. Our college attach great importance to reform and innovation in teaching, and try to meet their increasing demands of teaching in order to train them to qualified personnel. In recent years, I have been thinking and practicing for the reform of the course, This time, I combine both dissertation and my idea to make a further deepen sum of my many years’ thinking. I want to develop a kind of suitable teaching content and methods to meet today's teaching requirements. This dissertation describes the development process and methods of developing a computer system (model machine). I describe it with the diagrams, so the design process is simple. And I use VLSI, EDA technology and computer technology to achieve a complete "design type" experiment. I designed "system design Method", which contains two kinds of design and control methods, through two examples to illustrate the practical design ideas and implementation process. Two methods can be described as "Yin and Yang". One emphasizes on "hardware" design, using combinational logic design, system integration through the "hardware" to achieve; the other emphasizes on the "software" design and micro-program design. The system components and integration was implemented by "software". Both ways can extend the students design ideas. In the two design methods I have introduced state diagram and ASM diagram to describe the control process. By the use of them, it bring me clear thinking for the design and debug. In particular, it solves the difficult problem that "how to effectively carry out a system circuit debugging". Through simulation and circuit debugging, all the design function can be implemented. It shows that these kind of teaching methods are fully applicable to teaching requirements.

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