The study, evaluation and comparison of water pollution in Guangzhou and Hong Kong

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The study, evaluation and comparison of water pollution in Guangzhou and Hong Kong


Author: Zhi, Junning
Title: The study, evaluation and comparison of water pollution in Guangzhou and Hong Kong
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2010
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Water -- Pollution -- China -- Guangzhou Shi
Water -- Pollution -- China -- Hong Kong
Water quality management -- China -- Guangzhou Shi
Water quality management -- China -- Hong Kong
Department: Dept. of Civil and Structural Engineering
Pages: 191 leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 31 cm.
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Abstract: As well known, the Pearl River Delta area has rapid economic development in recent years, especially Guangzhou city. The growing of living standard and housing development have caused enormous increase of domestic and industrial waste discharging into the urban inland rivers and streams, thus causing serious water pollution. Most of these untreated or partially treated wastewater will finally flow into the West of South China Sea via Pearl River. As Hong Kong is located at the outlet of the Pearl River, the water quality will be deteriorated to certain extent affecting the environment and the water supply of Dong Jiang River. When the river water is heavily polluted with organic matters and nutrients, it will produce malodor likes hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and increase the bacterial and growth population of microorganisms, i.e. algae. They consumed a large amount of dissolved oxygen in river resulting death of most marine lives. The domestic and industrial waste such as heavy metals and toxic chemical will be also absorbed by marine life, through the food chain to affect human health. This dissertation investigated that the water quality in waters of Hong Kong had been affected by Guangzhou water pollution since 1990s. However, under the Water Pollution Control Ordinance (WPCO), Hong Kong government implemented a series of efficiency legislation control, schemes and conducted lots of sewage and water pollution improvement works. In 2008, 90% of all sea, harbor, rivers and nullahs met the good Water Quality Index (WQI) standard, but the E.Coli level did not mentioned in WQI. Our results showed that, E.Coli level in selected sampling data of river and nullah was high, one of the Yuen Long Nullah section reached 100000 E.Coli (count / 100 ml). The illegal discharges also maintained seriously in some water areas such as Tuen Mun River and Yuen Long Nullah. The increasing frequency of inspection and monitoring by government is necessary in future. Compared with Hong Kong, the investigation found 90% of rivers and nullahs in Guangzhou were serious polluted before 21st century, due to a large amount of domestic discharges and government mismanagement. The government started the real improvement on water pollution since the 16th Asian Games had been awarded, under the "Sewage Treatment and Comprehensive Work Plan" in 2008. The government reported that 117 had been improved to category III & IV level of GB 3838 - 2002 standard. However, water quality information did not on public and prevention on water sampling in Guangzhou city made people doubted the water quality is really good or not.

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