Renewable energy applications on islands : case study Town Island

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Renewable energy applications on islands : case study Town Island


Author: Meng, Danqing
Title: Renewable energy applications on islands : case study Town Island
Degree: M.Eng.
Year: 2011
Subject: Renewable energy sources -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies.
Power resources -- Planning -- China -- Hong Kong -- Case studies.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Building Services Engineering
Pages: viii, 87 leaves : ill., maps ; 30 cm.
Language: English
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Abstract: Usually diesel generators are installed to meet electric demand on islands. However, this method causes several economical and environmental problems such as high operation cost, environmental pollution etc. Therefore, renewable energy power plants are considered as an altemative energy supply method. Energy sources such as hydro or geothermal energy can be integrated into the power system of isolated island easily. Intermittent renewable energy sources including solar and wind energy may require energy storage and back-up system for continues power supply. This paper presents a methodology for determining the renewable energy sources power production of an isolated island - Town Island. The potential application of renewable energy sources (R.E.S.) such as wind, photovoltaic and solar thermal is investigated. With real wind and solar potential measurements, the required installation capacity of the above three renewable energy applications to cover the energy demand on Town Island are calculated to be 150m² (solar thermal system), 150kW (PV system) and 100kW (wind turbine system) respectively and the potential annual energy output from these applications are estimated to be 287.7GJ, 184222kWh, 208326kWh per year respectively. The renewable based power generation technologies are assessed against its simple payback period and reduction in GHG emission. This research also provides an optimal configuration of renewable energy power system with the aid of computer simulation. The optimal number of major system components such as wind turbine, PV arrays and battery are provided. The performance of major components of the optimal renewable energy system is also estimated. With the proposed renewable energy system, simulation results indicate that more than 70% of electricity demand can be covered by renewable energy and nearly 80 Tones of green house gas emission can be avoided. Last but not the least, a sensitivity analysis is performed based on sensitivity values for wind speed scaled annual average, global solar radiation scaled annual average and diesel price. The strategy adopted in this study can be used when isolation, electricity demand, capacity of generator, wind speed and initial cost of each facility are changed. Hence the proposed strategy is also applicable for other different situations. Therefore, this study is not only applicable on the Town Island, but also a good reference for planning renewable energy applications on other remote islands with the similar environmental and weather condition.

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