Hotel employees' perception on unethical managerial behavior, and its impact on job satisfaction : a case study in Zhejiang province

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Hotel employees' perception on unethical managerial behavior, and its impact on job satisfaction : a case study in Zhejiang province


Author: Li, Shiyin
Title: Hotel employees' perception on unethical managerial behavior, and its impact on job satisfaction : a case study in Zhejiang province
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2011
Subject: Hotels -- China -- Zhejiang Sheng -- Employees -- Job satisfaction -- Case studies.
Hotel management -- China -- Zhejiang Sheng -- Case studies.
Hospitality industry -- Moral and ethical aspects -- Case studies.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: School of Hotel and Tourism Management
Pages: viii, 89 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
Language: English
Abstract: In the past few years, the issues related to unethical behaviors in the hospitality industry were widely investigated. On one hand, researchers have developed the comprehensive lists of employee / customer unethical behaviors, plus the perception of these unethical behaviors from different perspectives. However, the perception of unethical managerial behaviors hasn't been systematically identified. On the other hand, the research of ethical behaviors were done in the different countries., nevertheless, the hotel ethics in Mainland China remains mysterious. Furthennore, the relationship between the employees' unethical behaviors and its impact on employees' job satisfaction was also examined. This research conducted an exploratory investigation in the 4-5 star hotels in Zhejiang Province in China. 20 in-depth interviews were done in the qualitative research with the aim of identifying the unethical managerial behaviors employees would encounter in their daily work. 20 statements of unethical managerial behavior were developed after the qualitative research. Questionnaire was developed with the 20 statements and four-item measure used for job satisfaction measurement developed by Thomas and Tymon's after a group of pilot test. 268 valid questionnaires were received, enjoying a respondent rate at 67%. In data analysis, the statements of unethical managerial behaviors were ranked by the extent of unethical perceived by employees. Responses were subject to Factor analysis using Principal Components Analysis with Varimax Rotation method. 3 factors were emerged namely; (1) Unethical treatment about employee and payment; (2) Fairness and promise to employees; (3) Feeling of justice and equity. The result of Multiple regressions discovered the positive relationship between employees' perception on factor one and the job satisfaction. The means of the demographic variables were compared under job satisfaction and factors by T-test and ANOVA, the significant differences were shown and discussed. Recommendations to hotel management were provided at the end of the research to cooperate with the findings. They are: (1) Set ethical policy to restrict managers from unethical behavior; (2) Train the hotel employees to be more ethical; (3) Built an unobstructed communication channel; (4) Enhancing employees' job satisfaction by taking care of the identified groups. In a word, hoteliers can take action to avoid the unethical managerial bchaviors as many as possible to increase employees' job satisfaction directly, and higher the employees' ethical level though training and improve the job satisfaction indirectly, and eventually, give contribution on reducing the turnover rate, and other human resource issues.

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