Reinforcement of an ERP system to an appliance manufacturing environment

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Reinforcement of an ERP system to an appliance manufacturing environment


Author: Ng, Tung-leung Eric
Title: Reinforcement of an ERP system to an appliance manufacturing environment
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Business logistics
Business networks
Manufacturing resource planning
Production management
Strategic planning
Department: Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Pages: x, 127, xii leaves : ill. ; 30 cm
Language: English
InnoPac Record:
Abstract: All noble corporations arteries are lined with robust ERP systems. Nevertheless, whatever or however a sophisticated ERP system that is in place, developers inextricably link it with the troubleshooting, exploring or refurbishment of the ERP system. The gap between daily work routines and an ERP system forces us to adapt with it. Also, we have to develop new functions for the forthcoming work routines. The backdrop of this dissertation is an electricals giant----Skyscraper Ltd. Its daily operation relies on an efficient ERP system called "BPCS". The "BPCS" system is a purchased package equipped with versatile functions. However, "Skyscraper" meets several problems along its supply chain even with BPCS, such as vendor selection. So, it needs people to solve these problems. There are five cases to be discussed in the project, they usher us to acquaint ourselves with some knowledge for reinforcing ERP functions. The cases to be discussed are all real and their problems have already been solved after the solutions were implemented. The problems, the solutions and the procedures are encapsulated, thus, giving us a clear and comprehensive understanding of the problems that happened in every ERP's daily operation. From the cases, we can see that slipshod people management can be lethal. Human factor is another major and key factor for the success or failure of an ERP system. People depending on their job nature adopt different stances when looking at the ERP system. System designers are like captains, the ERP system is like a ship and users are like the crew or seamen. On the one hand, without a good and experienced captain, the ship will stray off course. On the other hand, without the cooperation between crew and captain, the ship may be in the state of anarchy. Thus, if control is lost, then reparations and apologies may not be enough to restore the ship's passengers confidence. In reality, there is never an ERP system which considers all operations in all industries. In addition, everyone has an insatiable appetite for convenience and efficiency. Thus the reinforcement of an ERP system seems interminable. The cases discussed are only a part of the previous reinforcement jobs within "Skyscraper". This dissertation can be used as a reference for future ERP designers and developers, helping them to solve similar problems. This is the main contribution of this dissertation.

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