A study on the assessment of project management performance in luxury hotel interior design projects

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A study on the assessment of project management performance in luxury hotel interior design projects


Author: Zhang, Yeli
Title: A study on the assessment of project management performance in luxury hotel interior design projects
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2014
Subject: Project management -- Evaluation.
Hotels -- Design and construction.
Hotel management.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Faculty of Construction and Environment
Pages: viii, 61 leaves : illustrations ; 30 cm
Language: English
InnoPac Record: http://library.polyu.edu.hk/record=b2759216
URI: http://theses.lib.polyu.edu.hk/handle/200/7605
Abstract: Project management performance measurement criteria vary from projects to projects since the projects differ in size, uniqueness and complexity. Despite much past research on the subject, there is no generally adopted framework of performance measurement for luxury hotel interior projects. Not only are project management performance affecting individual interior work outcomes, but it also has lock-on effects on the entire projects. This research considers the assessment criteria of interior project management in luxury hotels. A Project Management Performance Assessment (PMPA) Model is customized from the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) business excellence model for use in the interior projects, which will be built up for hotel owners to gauge the project performance of the in-house or out-sourced construction managers. This research is aimed at identifying the factors, which affect the Luxury Hotel Interior Design Projects, in addition to time, cost and quality. By using the research methods of literature review, questionnaire survey, in-depth interviews, and case studies, a PMPA model is customized for assessing the project management performance of the luxury hotel interior design projects. 30 questionnaire survey responses are evaluated and collected to support the research. And the in-depth interviews are applied to extend the further investigation. With the assistance of this quantitative tool, the PMPA model, the research provides the hotel owners with a straightforward approach for an objective assessment. The five independent variables are analyzed one by one to set a value on each of them so that the hoteliers can identify the major segments that will affect the project management performance. Two cases are applied to investigate the value of the model on comparison. Furthermore, the relationships between stakeholders in luxury hotel interior design projects are investigated. Practical recommendations for streamlining the project management processes in luxury hotel interior projects are proposed for different parties involved in this type of projects based on the research findings.

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