Critical factors affecting urban renewal project duration : a case study of Seoul, South Korea

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Critical factors affecting urban renewal project duration : a case study of Seoul, South Korea


Author: Choi, Hyein
Title: Critical factors affecting urban renewal project duration : a case study of Seoul, South Korea
Degree: M.Sc.
Year: 2015
Subject: Urban renewal -- Korea (South) -- Seoul
Construction projects -- Management.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Building and Real Estate
Pages: xi, 83 pages : illustrations
Language: English
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Abstract: Urban renewal is about improving the economic, physical, social, and environmental situations of an urban area by various activities, such as urban redevelopment, urban rehabilitation, and heritage preservation. In many countries, urban renewal has been an important element of urban development policy. Urban renewal projects usually span long development period, require huge capital investment, and involve resolving conflicts among various stakeholders.Our study focuses on the critical factors affecting the time duration of urban renewal projects. By analyzing those factors, it helps us to adopt better strategies in reducing the uncertainty of urban renewal projects. The main context of our study is about South Korea. In South Korea, urban renewal projects can be launched by various development approaches classified according to the leading roles of the development and the interrelationship among the stakeholders, including residents association, designated developers, and landowners. In the capital city of South Korea, Seoul, urban renewal projects do not just serve residence function, but also provide commercial and business functions in massive scale. Some previous research work has been conducted in identifying the critical success factors affecting urban renewal in various contexts. Our research aims at investigating the critical factors affecting the time duration of urban renewal projects in Seoul, South Korea. The objectives of the our project are: (1) to identify the critical factors affecting the overall project duration in urban renewal projects; (2) to justify the importance of the critical factors through in-depth study of some real-life cases of urban renewal projects in Seoul; (3) to provide suggestions regarding the professional practice of urban renewal in South Korea. Three cases of urban renewal in Seoul are used for illustration, each with different mode of development: - Cheongnyangni Zone 4 Renewal. With a zone area of 43,282m², the development mode is landowner-led. - Sewoon Zone 4 Renewal. With a zone area of 33,263m², the development mode is public-private partnership with SH (Seoul Housing) Corporation. - Hapjeong Zone 1 Renewal. With a zone area of 37,771m², the development mode is developer-led.In general, the findings of our study provide a better understanding of the factors affecting the project durations in urban renewal. The results of our study also give an insight to the urban renewal practitioners in South Korea on better allocation of the project resources and efforts. Although the results of our research are derived based on the context in South Korea,they can also serve as a useful reference to other countries in planning of urban renewal projects.

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