The quality of human milk in Hong Kong and compositional changes on storage

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The quality of human milk in Hong Kong and compositional changes on storage


Author: Fong, Ming-yiu
Title: The quality of human milk in Hong Kong and compositional changes on storage
Year: 2004
Subject: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Breast milk -- Composition
Breast milk -- Storage
Department: School of Nursing
Pages: vi, 67 leaves : ill. (some col.) ; 30 cm
Language: English
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Abstract: Human milk is believed to be the best food for the newborns and is both nutritionally and immunologically optimal. Milk proteins including sIgA, lysozyme and lactoferrin have been extensively studied and believed to play important roles in body defence of infants, whereas triglycerides and lactose in milk are the main energy source responsible for over 90% of energy requirement for infants. Twenty-five colostrums and 11 mature milks were analysed in the study for both nutritionally and immunologically important components by biochemical methods, ELISA, microbiological methods as well as SDS-PAGE. Results were analysed by the statistical methods of un-paired Student t test and repeated measure ANOVA. Since no similar study has ever been done on human milk in Hong Kong, our study of the quality of human milk and home storage effect on the composition of human colostrums and mature milk were solely Hong Kong basis. In terms of nutritional competency, the lactose, total protein and whey concentrations were of average levels. Caseins concentration was even double the findings in other studies. Triglycerides level was below average which was probably due to sampling effect. The immunologically important sIgA and lactoferrin concentrations were markedly higher than that found in other studies but the lysozyme level was in line with other reports. Microbiology tests, biochemistry tests, immunology tests and SDS-PAGE showed no significant compositional changes after the samples had been stored under the studied conditions. Overall findings showed that the milk samples obtained in Hong Kong were on or above average quality and temporary home storage of milk had no significant effect on the quality of the milk samples.

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