Development of building procurement sustainability assessment framework : a case study in Malaysia

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Development of building procurement sustainability assessment framework : a case study in Malaysia


Author: Bakhtiar, Khairul Anuar Bin
Title: Development of building procurement sustainability assessment framework : a case study in Malaysia
Degree: Ph.D.
Year: 2016
Subject: Construction industry -- Malaysia -- Management.
Construction contracts -- Malaysia.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Department: Dept. of Building and Real Estate
Pages: xiv, 373 pages : color illustrations
Abstract: Building procurement methods are defined as organizational systems that assign specific responsibilities and authorities to people and organizations. Previous studies have suggested that the performance of a construction project related to proper choices of building procurement methods. In the United Kingdom, the partnering method is believed as the most suitable method compatible with the sustainability followed by the design and build, and traditional methods. This research, however, identifies that there is a lack of studies conducted for assessing the sustainability performance of different building procurement methods in developing countries. Therefore, this research proposes a conceptual framework that based on sustainable construction and building procurement method to assess the sustainability performance when using different building procurement method. This research takes the advantage of the Tenth Malaysian Plan to promote sustainable construction by improving building procurement method. Therefore, this research aims to develop a scoring framework as a decision support tool to assess the sustainability performance for different building procurement methods. There are two steps for data collection in this research. First, is through industry survey to identify an 'integrated set of indicators' for analyzing different building procurement methods. The Sustainable Procurement Decision Making (SuProDem) framework has been developed based on the identified integrated indicators. Second, the framework is used to evaluate the sustainability performances of different building procurement methods through a critical comparison of school construction projects in Malaysia. The school construction projects examined in this research involve two types of building procurement methods; the traditional and design and build procurement method. The outcome from the case studies was used to compare and validate the results of the industry survey. This research identifies ten integrated indicators with relevant sub-indicators suitable for assessing sustainability performance when using different building procurement methods in developing countries. The research also recommends the SuProDem framework that provides decision makers with an objective references to choose effective and sustainable building procurement methods for their particular projects. The research finding supports that the design and build method makes the greatest contribution to the sustainable construction, if compared to the traditional methods. However, the findings of the industry survey and case study are not consistent. Therefore, wider application of the existing building procurement methods is needed to increase understanding of sustainable construction especially when dealing with complex construction projects. Finally, the overall findings fill the significant research gaps and demonstrate the relationship between sustainable construction and procurement methods for building projects in Malaysia.

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