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2017An exploratory study of the critical capabilities of original equipment manufacturers in the printing industry in ChinaLai, Pok Lai
2003An exploratory study of the critical success factors for IT-enabled property agencies in GuangzhouSiu, Miu-chee Corinna
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of Haitao shopping providers in Korea selling to ChinaShon, Hyo Min
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of hedge fund managementHo, Linwen
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of quality management of "alterations and additions works" firms in Hong Kong陈礼善; Chan, Lai Sin
2018An exploratory study of the critical success factors of retail banking in the digital eraChung, Siu Kuen
2016An exploratory study of the subjective traumatic school bullying experiences of adolescent victims who have later developed early psychosisWong, Mei Kwan Rosetta
2017An exploratory study on finger knitting-facilitated therapyYao, Mei Yu
2016An exploratory study on knowledge quality through the peer review process for research publicationsSabetzadeh, Farzad
2017Exploratory study on the conceptions and challenges in social work helping relationships among the social workers in Guangdong ChinaLo, Yuen-shan
2004An exploratory study on the subjective experience of Schizophrenia from a non-representative sample of 12 Chinese with Schizophrenia in Hong KongChan, Yue-kuen Estella
2017An exploratory study on the traumatic experience of Chinese people with schizophrenia in Hong KongFung, Wing Fun Josephine
2014Exploring ambiguity and competence in the context of ECRM system in Hong Kong hotelsTsui, Chun Man Bruce
2014Exploring Chinese customer experience with budget hotelsRen, Lianping
2013Exploring customer expectations for professional services firms using zone of tolerance frameworkHo, Angus
2007Exploring destination competitiveness from a social development perspective : evidences from Southeast AsiaMena, Miguela Monica Maniago
2011Exploring effect of medium coupling on ultrasonic lamb waves in engineering structures and synthesised soft tissue-bone phantomsChen, Jiangang
2016Exploring employee turnover reasons of sales people working in upper up-scale hotels in ChinaYeung, Andy
2019Exploring exhibition stakeholder dynamics : stakeholder interrelationship and exhibition service qualityLee, Hwabong
2018Exploring hospitality and tourism learners' perceptions and expectations of MOOCs among different levels of study in higher educationKong, Pui-keung Anthony