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2011The English equivalents of Cantonese sentence-final particles : a contrastive analysisWakefield, John C
2011English translations of Shen Congwen's storiesXu, Minhui
2019Enhanced degradation of indoor formaldehyde by room-temperature catalytic oxidationLi, Haiwei
2010Enhanced indoor humidity control in a space served by a Direct Expansion (DX) air conditioning (A/C) systemXu, Xiangguo
2016Enhanced piezoelectric, pyroelectric and ferroelectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride) based nanocomposites containing dielectric nanofillersJiang, Zhiyuan
2019An enhanced three-frame-differencing approach for vehicle detection under challenging environmental conditionsYang, Zi
2009Enhancement of biocompatibility of nickel-titanium by laser surface modification technologyNg, Ka-wai
2011Enhancement of China land information management systemsWen, He
2018Enhancement of the bonding strength of adhesively-bonded composite joints at cryogenic environment by coiled carbon nanotubesMa, Hei-lam
2010Enhancement of wastewater treatment with microbial formation of poly(β-hydroxyalkanoates) from activated sludgesLam, Wai
2014Enhancing critical reflection in psychiatric rehabilitation : an exploratory study of reflective writing and co-reflectionYeung, Yee-yu
2018Enhancing destination image and competitiveness : a tourism planning approachBu, Nai Peng
2015Enhancing destination marketing by smartphone applications in national tourism organizations : the cases of Hong Kong and South KoreaKim, Hyun Hee
2016Enhancing intercultural communication in teaching Chinese as a foreign language : an action research studyIp, Wei Hing
2018Enhancing nursing students' competence through simulation-based health assessment (SBHA) programmeWong, Suet Lai
2018Enhancing the dehumidification performance of plate liquid desiccant dehumidifier with super-hydrophilic coating considering the solid-liquid interaction effectDong, Chuanshuai
2014Enhancing the effectiveness of a youth mentorship program : the role of mentor's prosocialityLin, Wenjun
2019Enhancing the mass transfer and anti-corrosion performance of falling film dehumidifier/regenerator by plate surface treatment and liquid desiccant modificationsWen, Tao
2017Enhancing the museum experience for visually impaired people in Hong Kong : haptic-audio interaction design (HAID)Chan, Meng Kheong
2020Enhancing the travel experiences of people with visual impairments through application designHuang, Lusha