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2014Experimental and simulative study of characteristics of "site error" inherent to magnetic direction-finder (DF) lightning locating techniqueLu, Tao
2008Experimental and theoretical study on pullout resistance of grouted soil nailsZhou, Wanhuan
2010Experimental investigation and theoretical analysis on air filtration of sub-micron aerosols by nanofiber filterHung, Chi-ho
2002Experimental investigations of fluid-structure interaction of bluff bodies subjected to a cross-flowWang, Zhijin
2009Experimental performance evaluation of water mist fire suppression systemZhu, Ning
2016Experimental study and constitutive modelling of the time-dependent stress-strain behavior of soilsFeng, Weiqiang
2000Experimental study and elastic visco-plastic modelling of the time-dependent stress-strain behaviour of Hong Kong marine depositsZhu, Jungao
2018The experimental study of coupled cavities and Helmholtz resonators at low Mach numberTang, Yijia
2019An experimental study of crack growth and its effect on the mechanical and seismic properties of rocks using 3D printing, micro-CT and acoustic emissionZhou, Tao
2018Experimental study of hypergolic ignition by droplet collisionsZhang, Dawei
2019Experimental study on compression behaviors of saturated and unsaturated granular fill materials under static and cyclic loadingsChen, Wenbo
2017Experimental study on fracture properties of alkali-activated concreteDing, Yao
2018An experimental study on the determinants of homepage impression within ten secondsChung, Chun Ming
2010Experimental study on the interface behavior between unsaturated completely decomposed granite soil and cement groutHossain, Md. Akhtar
2008Experimental study on the stress-strain-strength behaviour of a Completely Decomposed Granite soil and a geofoamKumruzzaman, Md.
2018Exploiting software-defined networks : DoS attacks and security enhancementGao, Shang
2019Exploiting the potential of wind turbines to provide frequency supportLiu, Xiaoge
2008An exploraratory study of factors affecting usage of information technology in support of knowledge sharing in service organizations in Hong KongChow, Ngai-keung
2004An exploration of trust and buyer-seller relationship quality in the Hong Kong toy industryLee, Chun-ying Andrew
2005Exploration of using fibre bragg grating technology in railway engineeringLee, Kar-yun