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2014Efficient big data system in the cloud : resource provisioning and schedulingYuan, Yi
2013Efficient coding techniques for video with various brightness variationsTsang, Sik Ho
2017Efficient data and application offloading in mobile cloud computingLi, Jiwei
2021Efficient data dissemination for intelligent connected vehiclesMagsino, Elmer Ramilo
2002Efficient generalized hough transform algorithms for modern applicationsChau, Chun-pong
2014Efficient learning algorithms for image annotationHu, Jiwei
2008Efficient location management techniques for moving objects in mobile environmentsZhou, Jing
2019Efficient numerical methods for multi-phase flow problems with Peng-Robinson equation of stateZhang, Yuze
2019Efficient numerical methods for quad-curl problem and fast solversWang, Chao
2015Efficient tag management in large-scale RFID systemsLiu, Xuan
2012Efficient techniques for human face recognitionPong, Kuong Hon
2000An elastic graph dynamic link model for invariant vision object recognitionLee, Shu-tak Raymond
2015The elastic properties of patellar tendon in jumping athletes with and without patellar tendinopathyZhang, Zhi Jie
2005The electret effect and electromechanical properties of solid and porous polymersTai, Liang-shiang
2009Electricity market analysis with co-evolutionary computationZhang, Shengxiang
2020Electrochemical replication and transfer: principle, fabrication, and applicationsLu, Xi
2006Electrodeposition of Ni-SiC composites by different shaped current waveforms and magnetic fieldHu, Fei
2014Electromagnetic damping and energy harvesting devices in civil structuresShen, Wenai
1999Electromagnetic field analysis of induction motors by finite element method and its application to phantom loadingFu, Wei-nong
2020Electromagnetic transient analysis for lightning strikes on a grounded structureDing, Yuxuan