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2008Monitoring and modelling Hong Kong ionosphere using regional GPS networksGao, Shan
2016Monitoring and transmission strategies for long-haul digital coherent communication systemsDong, Zhenhua
2014Monitoring of fine particulates in Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta region using remote sensingBilal, Muhammad
2016Monitoring suspended particulate matter based on satellite-imagery and ground observationYan, Xing
2018Monte Carlo simulation of aerosol dynamics in turbulent flowsLiu, Hongmei
2005Motion and force control in high-performance variable reluctance finger gripperChan, Kin-chung Kenneth
2012Motion control of electromechanical actuators at sub-micron precisionChow, Hoi Wai
2016Motion estimation techniques by exploiting motion history and depth maps in video codingLee, Tsz Kwan
2010A motivational perspective on post-acceptance is usage behaviorsLi, Xixi
2017Motor recovery of the severely impaired paretic upper limb after intensive mirror therapy in sub-acute strokeChan, Wing Chiu
2005Motorized and non-motorized transport systems : modeling and optimizationWu, Zixiao
2018MPC system identification method based oracle for control-CPS software fault localizationHe, Zhijian
2020A multi-attribute approach based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process for building maintenance managementKwok, Wai Ho Darrell
2015Multi-beam optical injection locking in Fabry-Pérot laser diodesGan, Liqing
2007A multi-channel relationship commitment model for the life insurance industryChiu, Yu-chun Benjamin
2011A multi-criteria daylighting performance assessment method for cellular officesNg, Tsz-ho Roger
2018A multi-criteria performance assessment model for cadastral survey systemsZhang, Haodong
2014Multi-dimensional CAD system for clothing thermal functional designTeng, Yi
2020The multi-dimensions of social participation of older adults in Hong KongChan, Cheong Yu Stephen
2010A multi-faceted and automatic knowledge elicitation system for managing unstructured informationWang, Yong