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2001Brand image and brand loyalty : the case of auto-repair services in Hong KongYung, Yiu-wing Paul
2020Brand narrative by global airlines on social media: tellership, tellability and interactionZhang, Min
2016Brand sustainability of manufacturing enterprises (MEs) and social enterprises (SEs) in Hong KongTam, Ka Fung Kelvin
2007Breast sizing and development of 3D seamless braZheng, Rong
2017Breath figures assisted fabrication of polymer films with controllable microstructures for energy harvestingGong, Jianliang
2001Bridge live load models with special reference to Hong KongMiao, Tianjun
2019Bridging spatial and social mobility : a phenomenology of Chinese sojourners in the peripheryHao, Fei
2017Broadband plasmonic absorbers for sunlight photocatalysisTan, Furui
2010BtoB 销售人员的大五人格、客戶导向与工作绩效的关系 : 服務氛围的调节机制方迎; Fang, Ying
2002Buckling of cylindrical shells under non-uniform stress statesSong, Chang-yong
2004Buckling of extensively welded steel cylindrical shells under axial compressionLin, Xiang
2002Buffeting response of long span cable-supported bridges under skew winds: field measurement and analysisZhu, Ledong
2010Building a decision cluster classification model by a clustering algorithm to classify large high dimensional data with multiple classesLi, Yan
2015Building rules for effective legend design upon gestalt lawsQin, Zhe
2020Bulk ship routing and scheduling under uncertaintyWu, Lingxiao
2004Business intelligence supports for management processYu, Tai-tei
2016Business process virtualization : an empirical study of performance implications and contextual factors of successHau, Kai Pun Jacky
2003Business strategy, technology development and characteristics of Asian firms : an empirical study of the Hong Kong electronics industryKo, Lap-kwong David
2004The business value of information technology : an assessment of IT impacts on competitive capabilities of business firmsLaw, Cheuk-hung Chuck
2001Buyer-seller relationship : service, relationship quality and customer loyalty in ChinaOswald, Peter Thomas Dirk