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2012A study on fire safety provisions of public transport interchanges in well-developed citiesQu, Lu
2016A study on fire suppression mechanism in tall halls by long-throw sprinklerDong, Xue
2016A study on fires and associated provisions in open kitchens in small residential units of tall buildingsLiu, Jing
2020Study on flat-plate solar photovoltaic thermal systems for application on disaster-relief temporary shelters in Sichuan BasinYu, Ying
2013Study on heat and mass transfer of internally heated liquid desiccant regeneration for solar-assisted air-conditioning systemQi, Ronghui
2015Study on heat transfer surrounding pile foundation ground heat exchangers with groundwater advectionZhang, Wenke
2019The study on high performance inorganic-organic hybrid perovskite solar cellsTang, Guanqi
2015A study on installing water curtain system at refuge floor of supertall buildings in Hong KongLau, Kwai Wing
2018A study on modern container terminal efficiencyTong, Hang Fa
2015Study on renewable energy systems with different energy storage solutions for power supply in remote areasMa, Tao
2012Study on ship emissions and its impact to air quality in Hong KongYau, Pui Shan
2009Study on solar liquid desiccant dehumidification and regeneration for central air-conditioning applicationsLi, Yutong
2012Study on stimulus-responsive cellulose-based polymeric materialsLuo, Hongsheng
2018Study on structural behaviour of high strength steel s690 welded H- and I-sectionsWang, Kai
2014A study on structural optimisation and colour mixing systems of digital Jacquard textile based on full-colour compound structureKim, Ken Ri
2014Study on the coupled flow, heat and mass transfer processes in a liquid desiccant dehumidifierLuo, Yimo
2015A study on the developmental characteristics of Hong Kong primary students' ability to integrate textual information in narrative text readingLiao, Xian
2020A study on the different types of knowledge transfer models and their impact on the performance of the new product development (NPD) processLee, Season
2016A study on the effects of electronic games on musculoskeletal health and aerobic fitness in school-age children and adolescentsLui, Po Ying
2017A study on the emotional labor of tour leaders in Hong KongLau, Chin Keung Brandon