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2014A case-based study on public-private-partnership projects in the urban water supply sectorSheng, Nan
2019Cash holding through crisis : a Hong Kong studyCheung, Francis
2004Catalytic asymmetric addition reactions leading to carbon-carbon bond formation : phenyl and alkenyl transfer to aldehydes and alkynylation of [alpha]-amino esterJi, Jianxin
2014Catalytic carbon-hydrogen bond cross coupling reactions for carbon-carbon bond formations : development of ruthenium-, rhodium- and palladium-catalyzed (hetero)arene C-H bond functionalizations by {220}-diazocarbonyl compounds and carboradicalsChan, Wai Wing
2012Catalytic effect of metal oxide on the modification of functional performance of cellulosic fabricsLam, Yin Ling
2016Catalytic ozonation for textile dyeing wastewater treatment and reuseHu, Enling
2018Catalytic upgrading of biofuelLee, Hang Wai
2019The causal relationship of prospect theory on escation of commitment : a study of Hong Kong investors behaviorDeFilippo, Vincent
2009Celebrity endorsement effectiveness for print destination advertisingVeen, Robert van der
2014Cellular and molecular characterization of multiple neuroprotections by Bis(propyl)-cognitin, a promising anti-Alzheimer's dimerHu, Shengquan
2015Cellular interactive mechanisms of antimicrobial protein Bmattacin2 on bacteria and human cellsLiu, Xuan
2013Centrifugal microfluidic flow and mixing with applications in cell culture and cell lysingRen, Yong
2006CEO equity compensation, external monitoring and earnings qualityYang, Qinqin
2017CEO political ideology and credit risk assessmentLi, Shuo
2015CEO political ideology and firms' financial reporting practiceZhang, Yu Tony
2017CEO succession in Chinese family businesses : a governing-by-laissez-faire (無為而治) perspectiveYiu, Kwok On
2012CEO turnover and internal control material weaknessesLi, Beidi
2013CEO turnover and stock price crashWu, Chun Wah Michael
2016CEO 创业导向对探索型创新和开发型创新的影响 : CEO 个人能力、公司资源和环境不确定性的调节作用简世雄; Chien, Shih-hsiung James
2006Ceramic membrane technology applied to oily wastewater separationHua, Fenglin