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2019Why do people travel in luxury? : a means-end investigation of Chinese luxury travelersZhang, Yulan
2017Why have many US-listed Chinese firms recently announced to go private?Wong, Owen
2012Wide area monitoring system and its application on power system low-frequency oscillation suppressionZhang, Peng
2007Wide line detector and its applicationsLiu, Li
2013Will sitting Tai Chi improve eye-hand coordination, sitting balance or the subjective well-being of institutionalized older adults?Lee, Yin Tak Ken
2004Wind-rain-induced vibration and control of stay cables in cable-stayed bridgesWang, Lingyun
2018Wind-resistant hover control and wind field estimation of a VTOL tail-sitter UAVSun, Jingxuan
2020Women's lived experiences of transitioning from breast to formula feeding their infants : an interpretative phenomenological analysisSze, Kin Yan
2017Work ethics of generation Y employees in Taiwanese chain restaurantsChuang, Shih Jung
2015Workplace context and its effect on individual competencies and performance in work and project teamsRozhkov, Mikhail
2007Wrinkle-resistant finishes on cotton fabric using nanotechnologyLo, Lok-yuen
2012Write-activity-aware NAND flash memory management for PCM-based embedded systemsLiu, Duo
2007An XML-based model-driven framework for geodata exchangeXu, Zhu
2007Yearning for zaan or home : gender, development and home in Zhuang women's narratives on migration in a Southwest Chinese villageXiang, Rong
2017Zone design using graph partitioning algorithm with multiple criteria, a EDA-based zone designChan, Ho-chiu Elton
2016一朝天子一朝臣 : 下属逢迎行为能否促进与新领导的关系以及获得新领导更高评价并升迁?秦帅; Qin, Shuai
2014一项关于病人对医生信任的前因与后果研究 : 医生情感传递行为的作用张延武; Zhang, Yanwu
2014丁译《万国公法》研究杨 焯; Yang, Zhuo
2009上海偏差青少年邊緣化的社會互動過程研究 : 以青少年社區服刑人員為例費梅苹; Fei, Meiping
2008上海移动通讯市场顾客转换成本的影响因素及其结果的实证研究 : 以上海联通公司为例管景志; Guan, Jingzhi