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2012Temporarily coherent point SAR interferometryZhang, Lei
2003Tensile drawing behavior of rotor spun yarnJiang, Xiuying Debbie
2006The tensor eigenvalue methods for the positive definiteness identification problemWang, Fei
2019Tensors and their applicationsLiu, Jinjie
2014A test on a stock return forecast model : evidence from the Hong Kong marketLai, Wai Man
2012Texton encoding based texture classification and its applications to hand-back skin texture analysisXie, Jin
2020Theoretical and experimental analysis of machinability and surface integrity of bulk metallic glass in ultra-precision diamond cuttingChau, Sau Yee
2015Theoretical and experimental investigation of 3D-structured surface generation by computer controlled ultra-precision polishingHo, Lai Ting
2020Theoretical and experimental investigation of carbide-bonded graphene-assisted hot embossing of plano-convex glass microlens arraysYang, Gao
2003Theoretical and experimental studies on dynamic impact on brittle solidsWu, Shengzhi
2020Theoretical and numerical investigation on vibrational nonequilibrium effect in detonationUy, Chun Kit
2016A theoretical investigation of the effects of different levels of ab initio, density functional theory (DFT) and transition state theory (TST) calculations on computed reaction rate coefficientsNg, Maggie
1999Theoretical stress analyses for rock spheres and cylinders under the point load strength testWei, Xuexia
2006Theoretical studies on domain structures in ferroelectricsTsang, Chun-ho
2004Theoretical studies on potassium cation-ligand interactionWong, Hoi-shan
2016Theoretical study of diatomic plasmonic chains : Zak phase and spatial-temporal symmetriesLing, Chi Wai
2020Theoretical study of topological gyrotropic lattices with dynamic long-range interactionsWu, Pak Hong Raymond
2018Theory and application of second-order direct analysis in static and dynamic design of frame structuresDu, Zuolei
2010Thermal & indoor air quality environment on air-conditioned busesShek, Ka Wing
2007Thermal and emission characteristics of an inverse diffusion flame with circumferentially arranged fuel portsSze, Lip-kit