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1993Integration of private and public medical manpower : a feasibility studyChow, Yuet-mei
2009Integration of structural engineering into fire engineering designLeung, Siu-man
2013Integration of SZCORS system for meteorological applicationWang, Yichen
2001An intelligent alarm system for fault diagnosis of a steam-powered generating unitLee, Chun-leung
2008Intelligent analysis and forecast of stock market in China : self organizing features map network with golden sectionWang, Kai Kelthy
2002Intelligent buying software agent with XML for electronic marketplaceChiu, Wai-ip
1996Intelligent CAD in structural engineering designChau, Chi-wai
1997An intelligent cases advisor for testing the betting systemShea, Ngoi-yee Connie
2015Intelligent control of chiller plant for energy conservationLiu, Lizheng
1999An intelligent decision support system prototype for diagnosis company'sperformance and viabilityChiu, Fung-chi Dores
2016Intelligent extraction of intellectual capital for value creation in knowledge-intensive organizationsCai, Linlin
2015Intelligent hough transform for object detection and trackingNg, Chiu Shing
1999Intelligent Internet advertising agentMok, Kwan-ho
2008Intelligent inventory managementYang, Jiawei
2007An intelligent knowledge-based logistics performance managementsystem : "a hybrid portal approach"Lam, Ting-cheong
2010Intelligent landmark-assisted CT image reformation aligning with the neuro-ocular plane and its perpendicularPoon, Yiu-man
1999Intelligent manufacturing resources planning systemChou, Wing-fu Clarence
2000Intelligent outboard engine contolWong, Chun-kong
1998An intelligent portfolio management systemTse, Wan-fung Willy
1999Intelligent press-brake forming of sheet metalsChan, Tze-chiu